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General Fitness 04.30.14


General Fitness 04.30.14

Prep Work
3 Rds of
3X Snatch grip DL
3X High pull
3X Muscle snatch
3X Full Snatch

10 Min to build to a heavy 2 position snatch
Mid Thigh+Full Snatch

Immediately following you perform the following

Level One
5X2 Snatch Pulls from the floor.

Level Two
Immediately following you will take 110% Of final weight and perform the following

5X2 Halting Snatch grip Deadlift. No straps or hook grip.
1Min rest between sets
For today there will be 2 pauses-1st will be 2″ off of the ground 2nd will be above the knee.

8 rds of :20ON :10OFF (16:00 Total)

-Air-Dyne sprints
-Dumbbell snatch 65/45 From floor Alternate per round (4L/4R)
-KB push press 70/53 Alternate per round (4L/4R)
-Box step ups
You will keep this order, :10 For transition.
Heat 1 Starts at 0:00
Heat 2 Stars at 4:00
Heat 3 Starts at 12:00

For each set it is a MAXIMAL EFFORT.
It will be set up as stations so just try and move onto the next area when finished.

ACC work
3X10 Ring work-Box thrusts
Remember to keep your heels onto of the box. your arms will not bend until hips are fully extended (w/False grip)

Cool Down 

10 Responses

  1. Dirk B

    snatch work: 115, snatch dl 2 position 165
    Tabata work: Airdyne Goldie 9 each time, Barbell Snatch 65# 4, Push press 44lb 8-10, Box Step ups 8. Thanks to Dave for making me pick up the pace.

  2. Irina

    Snatch 60Lbs today. This lift scares me. And until I have individual components stronger I kind of don’t want to go heavier. But 60 so far is my max.
    Airdyne 8-9 cals each
    Snatches 20lb DB 11-14 each
    KB push presses pink 12-18 each
    Box step ups 20 in 15-20 each
    Hard gasser today. Good for my ego.

  3. Jim J

    Since it was a Snatch day, I worked on Cleans – I worked up to 165#, I did Level 1 @ 195#.
    For the Tabata i did – Airdyne = 51 total Cal, Snatches used 45# did anywhere from 8 to 12 per cycle, KB Pushpress used 44# KB 10-12 per cycle, Box steps – I didn’t count – I just did em until i was told to stop. And Andrew – that Led Zeplin song came out in 1975, and I was 7 – you smart ass! All in good nature though.

  4. Marcos Ramos

    Prep Work
    2 rounds with pvc.
    3rd round with 45lbs bar.

    10 Min to build to a heavy 2 position snatch
    Mid Thigh+Full Snatch.

    Started at 95, 115, 135, 160, 185, 205, hit the hang failed the full, rested about 30 sec and got the full. Happy about this since it was only ten min

    Immediately following you perform the following

    5X2 Halting Snatch grip Deadlift. No straps or hook grip.
    Used 230 for this. A lot harder then i thought plus no hook grip added a twist to it. Focused on engaging my lats and keeping good posture

    This was hard, especially for max effort.

    -Air-Dyne sprints- Crashed on round 3-6, got a second wind on the last 2 85 calories i think the bike said.
    -Dumbbell snatch 65/45 From floor Alternate per round (4L/4R)- Was able to hit 6 each time.
    -KB push press 70/53 Alternate per round (4L/4R) first 4 rounds got 4 reps, last 4 got 5.
    -Box step ups, 8 each round.
    ACC work
    3X10 Ring work-Box thrusts

    Cool Down
    Always working on mobility

  5. Jonathan Douglas

    Prep Work
    For each portion of the exercise: PVC-PVC-Bar

    Olympic set
    Mid thighs anything i over think, full felt good -155

    Level II with the halting fun:worked up to last two sets at 205

    65lb DB 11/12 first couple rounds, tried to hit 8s for rest of it.
    KB – not sure what i used, the ones without the orange, 44? cant remember, was aiming for 12 presses
    Box Step ups – caught breath
    Air Dyne – horrible finisher, think was able to get 7 Cals each go.

    No accessory work. It was fun!

  6. Tiffany Carley

    Snatch work used 75lbs. That wasn’t a max but I really wanted to work on my OHS and get a full snatch instead of a power snatch.
    Did level 1 snatch pulls 5×2.

    WOD: Tabatta
    Air dyne sprints- i didn’t keep track of cals.
    DB snatch- used 30 lb was able to get btw 8 and 9 reps each time
    KB push press used 35lb/26lb. the first 4 rds used 35 but was only able to get 4 or 5 reps so switch to 26 and was able to get 9 each rd.
    Box step ups got 7 or 8 each rd

    Acc work- 3×10 ring work. Didn’t think I would be able to do the acc work, so I was surprised when I could do it and I didn’t struggle too bad. Now have to work on that false grip.

    Great day. Enjoyed it even though it was tough.

  7. Renate Thompson

    Snatch work got up to 65 lbs– that’s fine for now.

    Airdyne, didn’t keep track of cals. ( I have a pretty strong dislike for this machine)
    Dumbbell snatch: Used 20 lbs, did I think 7 each round
    KB push press: Used 26 lbs, did 8 each round, 9 on the last one.
    Step ups: Did 7-8 each round.

    Good workout, I enjoyed it! It was a heavy breather.

  8. Tina

    My traps are sooooooorrrrre!!! It feels good though. B showed me this cool trap smash pain inducing torture exercise that helped get me ready for snatching.

    2 position snatch got up to 105. Failed 115 🙁 snatch is still feeling pretty awkward.

    Snatch grip deadlift 5×2 @ 125


    Airdyne was horrible!
    Kb push press – tried 53lb kb but I was push jerking and not push pressing so I went down to 44s …was hitting 6 every time r/l.

    Dumbell snatch which I love 🙂 45lb dumbell averaging 5-7

    Box step ups 8-10 per round

    Did the box thrust thing for accessory work.

  9. Eterna

    Got up to 75 for 2 position snatch. My right shoulder has been bothering me just a bit so I’ve been trying to take it easy. Did 105 for level 2 snatch grip dead lifts.

    This wod was definitely one that makes you appreciate a rest day…

    For the air dyne part I think I was cycling about 6-7 cals per round.

    Used a 30lb dumb bell for snatches and got an average of 7 for left arm and teetered between 5/6 for my right.
    Same for my kb PPs. I used 26lbs for this one. 6-7 for left and 4-6 for my right.

    For box step ups I was getting 8-9 on average per round.

    Did the accessory work because I Can’t wait to get my first muscle up! :oD

  10. Trish Place

    I got up to 45 lbs for the 2 position snatch. Tried 55lbs but was unsuccessful. I really have trouble with these but I keep working on them they are improving slowly. WOD- OUCH! But love love Tabata! Airdyne -ended up getting 45 calories total. Dumbbell snatch – used 15lb did 9-10 per round. KB push press- used the blue bell got only 4-5 per round these were tough! Box steps- 5-6 per round. Did only 1 set of the acc. work was feeling alittle dizzy after everything….. went and got gaterade as directed by Coach B.

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