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General Fitness 05.02.15


General Fitness 05.02.15

Don’t forget our mobility class at 8am.. We will be limiting the class so please RSVP.

Prep work
Team stretch

Team wod
10 Push press
10 pull ups
10 push jerks
10 toes to bar
9 min amrap

Rest 1 min
Max unbroken double unders/singles 3 attempts

At 15 min on the clock you and your partner will have till 18:00 to finish as many synchronized burpees as possible

Cool down
Post results

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  1. Hannah

    Great mobility class with Malee this morning!
    Partnered with Mansome for the wod:
    Did 50/50…Jose at 135 and me at 65 lbs for push presses and jerks.
    Did 4 rounds plus 23 reps.
    Jose: 80 unbroken DUs
    Me: 3 DUs
    38 syncronized burpees

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