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General Fitness 05.04.15

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  1. Hannah

    105 for my 5×3 back squats. Felt light so maybe time to bump it up a bit!
    Finished my round of 5 and got two wall balls into my round of four.

  2. Russian Princess

    BS 175#-
    Felt good
    Wod: C2B first 2 rounds then high chin clef bar after that. I had one pull up left to finish. Dang it. Good to be back. Thanks to everyone who supported me and talked me through my crossfit break last month.

  3. Tiffany Carley

    Back squat 5×3 @215
    Felt pretty easy, but didn’t go heavier cause I was working on correcting form a little.
    Used #14 wall ball made it through 7
    Did half of my pull ups kipping and half strict. My upper body is still wimpy on strict pull ups.
    Felt really slow today maybe tomorrow I’ll be a tad faster. 🙂


    Today felt great! 180lbs for back squat. I made it to the four on my chest to bars pull ups. My goal was to get through the fives with chest to bar all the way so I just passed that goal so I am very happy with that. I used a 14lbs wall ball.

  5. Teressa

    Back squat: 125, 130, 130, 135, 135 (broke the rules and built up through the reps, which was good because I’m such a baby when it comes to adding weight for back squats. 135 felt just fine)

    WOD was hard! Made it through the 6th round. Although I have to say I was feeling better about my pull-ups and managed to do a few more reps in a row than usual and my chin made it over the bar pretty much every time 🙂 Used a 14lb wall ball.

  6. I did 35lbs in all five sets (80%). I got some tips (thanks chris and Joe) to help with “getting stuck” at the bottom of my squat. So trying to feel that spot between below parelle but not almost sitting on the floor.

    I finished the wall balls and burpees of round three. But my pull ups were soooo bad.

  7. Serena

    Back squat @165# felt good

    Made it through 5th round minus pull-ups, used red band and did strict form, arms were toast.

  8. Sarah H

    Squats felt good- did 140- for last three rounds- I biult up, while warming up. I made it to end of seven- beginning of round six- feeling so out of shape.

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