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General Fitness 05.06.14


General Fitness 05.06.14

Prep Work
400M jog
Calf stretch
2×10 Drinking birds
2X10 Leg pumps

“Death by 10M”

EMOTM until failure
10 m Run
Increase one 10m run every minute until failure

for example, the first minute is 1-10 M sprint, the second minute is 2 -10 M sprints, the third is 3-10 M sprints and so on until you can’t complete X number of sprints in 1 minute.
compare results to 08.05.13

Acc Work
3X25 Russian Twists 25/15

Cool Down
Post results

If your competing this weekend.

Prep Work-Same
WOD 10X100M sprints on the C2 Rower
No acc work
Cool Down same

13 Responses

  1. BG

    Luv the profile picture 🙂
    Pre work was much needed after squats!
    WOD: 15 rounds Plus 12 sprints. If I was about 15lbs lighter I probably would of made round 16 🙂

    OT: 4×25 Russian Twist
    For show & Tell ( Ivan, Rich & Joel )
    3 rounds Airdyne sprints 30 seconds On….10 seconds Off.
    Rest 1 minute and did 25 Burpees.
    Now I’m awake.

  2. B-

    Started very very slow just to test out that transition on the hip and back and it felt pretty good. Was really winded the last 3 sets.
    Russian twists felt good.

  3. Lindsay Sinnes

    Good day! Wore my RockTape sleeve for my calf, worked awesome! Started slower. Did 17+14. August, did 13+12. Happy with results!

  4. Haines

    18+11 happy with my time even though I thought I missed the 18s by 1 and stood around for 20sec thinking I didn’t finish it. Ha! O well

  5. Cash

    19 + 16 …. Thanks to Jude ! he pushed me the entire time and when he had to quit because his back was hurting, he came back to pace me to get me as close to Marcos and Brendan as felt possible today :)) now that’s Crossfit !!
    We had an amazing group tonight, everyone surprised themselves and proved to be great runners 🙂 what a team !
    3×25 Russian twists

  6. Trish Place

    14+12 I think somewhere close to that. Did the 3X25 Russian twists with 15lb. Also did 3X10 beat swings and rode the airdyne slowly for alittle while.

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Made this up today 5/8/14.. I did 18 and stopped counting on the 19th round, I kinda suck at keeping track sometimes! I should have paced myself better for the first 15 rounds, but I feel good about my results.

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