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General Fitness 05.15.15

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  1. Russian Princess

    PR ed my Fran at 4:27
    Did not time my 1 mile run but that was way worse than fran itself.
    Happy Friday!

  2. T$

    Enjoyed the warm up, especially the squat hold w/ bands.
    Fran – love hate relationship right now. Not my best time but better than when I started. Scaled 55# thrusters – and did 3 pull-ups with blue band before my pride got the better of me and I ditched the band going to kipping pull-ups. Total time 10:03
    Upper body feels very weak. My focus will be regaining upper body strength through summer 🙂

  3. Tiffany

    Today was pretty tough! My arms and shoulders still felt tired before starting hahaha. I do few like I could have done better but my arms were no go on those thrusters. Finished in 4:58 Did a mile run afterwards. And the alternating lunges

  4. HeatherD

    8:45 for Fran…I think my last time was 9:00. Going for sub 8 next time! Great to see Tanya.
    Did the mile and lunges afterwards.

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