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General Fitness 05.19.15


General Fitness 05.19.15

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Prep Work:

50′ Inch worm push up
3X Row starts 3/4+1/2+3/4+2 Full strokes, Once you have your start settle into your ideal rowing pace for 2K for only 75-100M

2K Row for time

Strict pull ups
DB KB Strict press 53/35

Cool Down
Post results

8 Responses

  1. Dirk b

    8’sh 100cal bike ride
    7:17 row
    db blue band strict pull ups
    With plank holds instead of strict press.
    1mile jog afterward. With comp folk.

  2. Hannah

    9:29 for 2k row. Last week I got 9:54.
    Used 18 lbs and blue band for my strict presses and strict pull-ups. Pull-ups were a challenge. 12:40 for time.

  3. Vanessa Esquivel

    Really enjoyed working on the rowing starts, at first it was a little confusing but I can definitely feel the difference.

    A. 2K Row for time – 8:28, :04 sec PR. Not sure I would have done it if B hadn’t told me to keep the finish time under 8:30 in my last 200-500 M, that was tough!!!!!!!!

    B. 8-1
    Strict pull ups – First 6 pull ups with thin red band, and finished the last 2 in the 8s with thick red band. Both bands to finish. TRIED to keep rib cage pulled in like B was saying.
    DB KB Strict press – Used 26# KBs for the 8s, and 20# DB to finish. I struggled with keeping my elbow in on my left, probably because of my shoulder though.

  4. Teressa

    2k row 8:14
    Tried to keep in mind all the things I learned at the rowing clinic!

    About 12min on the 8-1 using green band for pull-ups and 26# KB for strict press.

    My forearms were definitely sore from the farmers carry yesterday!

  5. T$

    Late post :-). Enjoyed working on the start of the rower. Clint has helped me a lot when I first started on the rower, Thanks Clint. Don’t think I ever said that to you before but Thank you.
    Last week row time was 9:42. It was my first official week back and it sucked. I wasn’t happy with my time but it was a start. This week’s time 8:51 almost a whole min faster. Still not happy with that time but it’s a work in progress.
    8-1 WOD used blue KB and blue band for pull-ups. I didn’t keep track of my time. I was the last to finish but I concentrated very hard on maintaining good form pulling my elbows back on the pull-ups and maintaining a tight core and pulling my ribs down and not letting them flare with the press.
    Mobility worked on shoulder and lat stretches with the band.
    Felt good. Then I went to hot yoga at night.

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