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General Fitness 05.20.14


General Fitness 05.20.14

Prep Work
(Long Warmup)
Spend at least 3:00 At each station
1. Foam Rolling/Lacrosse/tennis balls
2. Shoulder/Thoracic mobility (T-Spine Wall press, Banded lat str, Pass throughs etc)
3. Lower extremity (Table top str, Couch str, Sampson str, Calf str etc)

If you are looking for additional stretches that may be more specialized towards you check out the link below

800M Carry W/ Sandbag
1:00 Hollow Rock
400M Carry W/Sandbag
1:00 Hollow Rock
200M Carry W/Sandbag
1:00 Hollow Rock
The pace on the carry should be about 70%, think of it more so as an active recovery.

ACC work
5X3 Turkish Getups

Cool Down
Post results

3 Responses

  1. Brynnen

    Warm up felt awesome!! Finished the general fitness WOD in 19:30 (I think). Worked on my foundations strength/mobility for about 30 mins then finished with a 5:22 100cal airdyne ride. Feel good today!!

  2. Tiffany Carley

    Finished the WOD somewhere around 20mins. Did a few rds of turkish get ups. Shoulders and traps super sore and tight. Did a 5 min row and some foam rolling to loosen them up.

  3. Heather

    I forgot to look at the time, but I was happy with my Turkish get ups. My last set I was able to use a 26#. It was hard, but the 18# felt easy.

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