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General Fitness 05.24.14


General Fitness 05.24.14

Memorial Day Schedule will be 9am,10am,and 11am. 


Prep Work
Team Stretch

“Partner Death By”

Hang power clean 135/95
You and your partner must complete both of your guys sets within the minute.
EX: Marcos and Jose Both start on their First min with 1 HPC, the second minute starts and the both complete 2 HPC within the minute. etc…

Once they are unable to finish their final minute say “RD 13″. They will put away their bar and perform 100 situps between the two of them for time.
Cool Down
Post results

*Reminder we will be starting our kids programs next month *  Click here for more info.

4 Responses

  1. Jim

    Worked out with my buddy Rod today. Yesterday I said I was going to gives shoulder a break, but today’s partner workout looked fun. We stayed light at 85#, got thru 8 rounds as a team. I kept going making sure I completed my reps under 30 seconds, got thru the 15th round.
    The team sit-ups was completed in 2:31.
    I stuck around and did some T2B, K2E, DU’s, and more Sit-ups. Good workout today!

  2. Tasha M

    Hang cleans at 75lbs. Did full round of 8, got to 9 and did 7. Partner finished the 9!
    Sit Ups did 50. We did 25 rep sets.
    For fun I ran 800m after. Trying to make running fun! :}

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