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General Fitness 05.27.15


General Fitness 05.27.15

**Reminder** Thursday, May 28th, at 5;30pm we will be having girls night at the gym, don’t miss out.

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Prep Work
50′ Inch worm push up
2X30 Gastroc stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch
2 min of single skip jump rope


2 Rds for reps
2Min max box overs 24/20 (step down)
rest 1 min
2 Min max American swings 70/53
rest 1 min

For time
Push jerks 135/95
Toes to bar

Cool Down
Post results

7 Responses

  1. Russian Princess

    WOD 1
    Rd1 41 box overs, 46 swings with 44# KB
    Rd 2 38 box overs, 40 swings
    WOD 2
    85# push jerks, T2B 8:40ish (?)
    Dirk killed it today.

  2. Tiffany Carley

    Rd1 23 box jump overs, 42 kb swings with #44
    Rd2 23 box jump overs, 38kb swings with #44
    using my back too much for swings and box jumps still make me nervous.
    Used #95 and knee ups
    Time 8:50

  3. Samm

    35# KB(heaviest anytime has)

    36 Box jumps
    50 American swings
    33 box jumps(snagged a shin in the middle of these ones )
    50 swings

    75#push jerks (felt heavy, oy)
    Knees to elbow/knee raises

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Box jump overs 20″ – 43, 41
    rest 1 min
    American swings 44# – 43, 33
    rest 1 min

    This was mentally grueling. I wanted to give up and I almost did.

    Push jerks 85#
    Toes to bar

  5. Teressa

    44lb KB and 20″ box
    Rd 1: 27/34
    Rd 2: 33/33

    85# push jerks
    Started with toes to bar, but my hands were pretty raw from everything earlier this week and it was all I could do to hold on to the bar, so switched to knees to chest… By the end I was bleeding through my hand grips, ow!
    Finished in 12:02

    I second Vanessa, today was a mental struggle! Glad I wasn’t the only one that felt that way!

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