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General Fitness 06.03.14


General Fitness 06.03.14

Prep Work
400m Run
3 Sets of
5 Russian Swings
5 American Swings
5 Cleans L+R
5 KB push jerk L+R

3 Sets of
2 Min long cycle Right arm 53/35
2 Min long cycle Left arm 53/35
rest 3 min
The transition from right to left will be right away.
There will be a penalty of 10 Burpee’s if you drop the bell and it will terminate that 2 min set.

ACC Work
10X3 Strict pull ups

Cool Down
Post results

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19 Responses

  1. T

    I am so proud of all te girls working out this morning. Not 1 of them dropped the weight!

    I used yellow kettle bell (30 something #)
    1st set L-20 R- 20
    2nd set L 17- R 18
    3rd set L 23 R 20
    I did 6 set of 5 strict pull-ups cause 10 is a lot for strict and I’m not that strong yet! Arms feel pumped and grip is exhausted.

  2. Samm

    Really enjoyed working with all the awesome ladies this morning! Great job girls!

    Blue KB
    R1: 21 Left, 25 Right
    R2: 21 Left, 20 Right
    R3: 25 Left, 25 Right

    Broke pull-ups into 5’s.

  3. Jim

    Enjoyed the warm-up this morning, had a pretty good pre-WOD sweat working for me. Unfortunately I wasn’t organized this morning I didn’t count any of the reps – sorry. I used the Blue KB for my right arm – shoulder is starting to feel much better. Used 44# KB for left arm. Did the 10 sets of 3 strict Pull-Ups. I was exhausted at the end today.

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    For prep work I used the 18# KB and it felt light.

    I used the 26# KB and did 8-12 reps on both left and right sides. Left definitely feels weaker, but working on technique and breathing made it easier to power through. Engaging my core and hips after the swing to clean the KB helped a lot, I don’t have bruising on my forearms like I usually do so I’m happy about that!

    For strict pull ups 10 x 3 ACC work I used the red band for sets 1-6 and used the green band on sets 7-10.

  5. Panda

    I used the blue kettle bell and kept and steady pace every 10sec…My arms are going to feel good tomorrow 🙂 The grip technique Brendan showed us at the noon class helps a lot.

  6. Kristopher Bailey

    Durning the warmup I used 26 ibs. Durning the WOD I used 35 ibs. I was able to keep a pace of 18 reps per arm, per round. I also adjusted my grip and worked on breathing, not holding it in. In making these adjustment, I was able to keep a pace and not dropping the kettle ball.

  7. Trish Place

    Fun 5am class this morning! Great job everyone! I unfortunately had a hard time counting my reps today. I tried to get 15-20 each side per round. I used the blue KB for the first two rounds then dropped to the pink for the third. Did the strict pullups with the purple band. The girls helped me with deciding that it’s time to use a smaller band for kipping, so I moved to the black band. YAY!

  8. 2 min long cycle right and left
    53 pounds
    3 sets rest 3 min between
    1) 21,15
    2) 18,15
    3) 15,13
    •Pull ups strict 10 reps by 3 sets
    800 meter run
    Push ups

  9. Lindsay Sinnes

    That was fun. Learned to pace the long cycle!
    Did R/L:
    1) 24/21
    2) 18/13
    3) 17/12

    Used 26# KB. Really worked on form, especially with the left arm (form kinda all over at first).

    Did 10×3 pull ups Strict.
    First round did strict. Second round, did one red band and worked on solid hollow hold form during pull up. Added another red band after 3 rounds. Form, Form, Form…

    Ran 800 m and did extra abs (sits ups, leg ups and plank).

  10. Vic

    For the first rep I used the 18 lbs kettle bell (I didn’t count reps). The second and third I used the 26 lbs and 15 on left and right arms

  11. Tasha M

    Went lighter on weight to really work on form and grip, Used 26lb.
    R-31 L-23
    R-30 L-22
    R-27 L-21
    Used medium green band for strict pull ups. Arms were and are shot.
    Thank you! :}

  12. Stacy

    Used the 18 lb kettle bell. Have no idea how many because I was focusing on form, breathing, pacing and couldn’t add counting : ). I felt like the constant instruction was really helpful and, although I was tired and sore from yesterday, I got better on each round.

  13. Brenda Esquivel

    Blue KB
    R 8,5,6
    L 7,4,6
    My left is weaker than my right, but I’m working on that. It was helpful resting the KB with an open hand.Breathing really helped through this workout.
    10 set of 3 strict pull up w/ band. I moved down in my band size so I’m excited about that!

  14. Andrea

    I realized partway through that I wasn’t counting. So no results to post. Though I do have some sweet bruises, as per usual for me and kettle bells. Used the blue kb and a green band for pull ups. At first I thought I should go down a band. … But then the last 4 or so sets of pull ups were awful.

  15. Whitney

    26# KB (to work on form and grip)

    6×3 strict pullups on the red band (arms and shoulders were pretty shot)

  16. Heather

    L / R
    20 – 23
    20 – 23
    20 – 21
    Left arm really needs work. I also bruised the crap out of my wrist, so I’m still not doing it correctly.

  17. Rowed 500 meters and did the rest of the prep work. For the wod used 26lb kettle bell,did 23 on the right side and 18 on the left side for all 3 sets.Really tried to work on form.Ended with 3 sets of 10 on the pull ups,used light green band.Really enjoyed the the wod.

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