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General Fitness 06.04.14


General Fitness 06.04.14

Prep Work
100′ High Knees
100′ Butt Kickers
100′ Bounding
100′ Walking lunges
100′ Carioca

Take an extra 5 min to work on calf and general leg mobility

4 Rds
400M Run
10 Burpee Box step ups
30 Double unders
rest one min

Cool Down
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18 Responses

  1. Andrew

    Fun WOD this morning. I did burpee box jumps because like Big Daddy Kane said, “Aint no half steppin” and 90 singles. Final time was 18:36.

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    Haven’t done that prep work in a while and it definitely got my heart rate up!

    Ran the 400 M in under 2 minutes each round. Finished each round in about 4-5 minutes. Total time was 20:17. The 90 singles really slowed me down, I’m determined to get those double unders ASAP!

  3. Panda

    My time for the WOD was 20 min and some odd seconds…..
    Running in the sun sometimes gets to me….i need to stay focus on the task at hand.
    GREAT workout i have to say 🙂

  4. Tasha M

    Fun and Hard WOD!
    Finished just at 18 min, maybe 19. The run killed me.
    First round did about 7 unbroken double unders and then was to tired to continue “practicing” them-90 singles for the rest.

  5. Andy

    Wow..first and second run ok. Last two brutal. Jump rope skills suck and used too short of a rope which may have been the problem. Did singles.

    20:32 total time

  6. Lindsay Sinnes

    Great day! Fun WOD! Completed 19:21. My calf was tight, did not do jump rope. Did Russian Twist instead with 18# KB. Really focused on my running form; hitting my heel to the ground.

  7. Brenda Esquivel

    Prep Work
    Had my legs feeling really warm.
    The running was difficult for me it’s one of my weaknesses so I been working on that. Overall I enjoyed getting my butt kicked today.
    Time 24:27

  8. Irina

    Big time struggle today. That’s what you get for being late.
    Time was 18:48ish or something like that. I tried for DUs in first round and struggled big time, stuck to SU after that. 20 in box step up burpees.

  9. Jacinta

    Really struggle a lot today. But finished the WOD at 20:41. Frustrated with my quads, didn’t know it was hurting that bad until I warmed up today. Couldn’t go parallel. Don’t know what happened. Weird.

  10. 4 Rds
    400M Run
    10 Burpee Box step ups
    30 Double unders
    •rest one min between rds

    My time was 16:58
    Double unders need work. I keep getting to wide but I’m improving at least. I feel like I paced myself well

  11. Susana

    Round 1: did it rx in 4:36min
    Round 2: rx as well in 5:05 min
    Round 3: did partial DU and then singles in 5:12 min
    Round 4: went to singles, my right shoulder was hurting after burpees…, in 5:00 min

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