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General Fitness 06.06.14


General Fitness 06.06.14

Prep Work
3X:30 Table top stretch
3X:30 Couch stretch
3X10 Walking high kicks


Build up to a heavy 1Rep Front squat (10-15Min)
Then taking that weight perform a max set of back squats
(Before going straight into your max set drop some of the weight and do 1-3 reps)
15-20Min Time cap

10 Min AMRAP
60M Waiters walk AHAP
10 Knees to elbow
10 Alternating lunges

Cool Down
Post results

18 Responses

  1. Andrew

    PRed my front squat at 240lbs, then got 5 reps on back squat. Made it through 5 full rounds on the WOD plus the waiter walk and 6 knees to elbow. Fun day.

  2. Jim

    PR’d my Front Squat today @ 205#, then did 7 reps at that weight on the Back Squat. Did 5 full rounds for the WOD. Used 35# for the Waitor Carry.
    Good workout this morning.

  3. Irina

    PRed at 175 for front squat. 7 reps of that on back squat.
    1 lunge away from full 6 rounds. Blues on KBs.
    Fun day! I could front squat all day everyday!

  4. Alisha S

    Strength: 135# Front Squat – 15# gain on PR!

    6 Reps Back Squat

    WOD: 4 rounds + 60m

    I’d say not too shabby for taking 5 months off!! Pretty proud of myself. 🙂

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    I haven’t established a front squat max prior to this but I built up to 120# and failed at 125#. My back squat 1RM was 115# and today I back squatted 120# for 6 reps, new PR for me.

    I completed 4 rounds and made it through 6 knees to elbows on the 5th round. Before this I struggled on knees to elbows and I felt really good about them today. I used the 26# KBs for the waiters walk.

  6. Renate Thompson

    Front squat made it up to #125, did 4 of those on back squat.
    WOD: 4 round + waiters walk and 2 knees to elbows. Used #26 kbs.
    Enjoyed the workout today!

  7. Mandi

    Front squat PRd @155 and then did 6 reps @155 on back squats. On the WOD I completed 4 rounds plus waiter carry and 6 knees to elbows with 35# kb

  8. 10 Min AMRAP
    60M Waiters walk AHAP @53 lbs
    10 Knees to elbow
    10 Alternating lunges

    5 rounds + waiter walk and 7 knee to elbow

    I got 295 lbs on front squat(20 pounds less than previous PR) and I did that weight 8 times on back squat. The weight felt heavy today, not sure why

  9. Samm

    First time front squat 1RM, 165, failed 175. Back squat 175 for 3.

    5 rounds plus 5 knees to armpit with 26 KB. Fun work out!

  10. Matt Stiles

    Worked up to a 265lb front squat. Havnt had a lot of work on the FS so I was happy with it. I did it 8x for my back squat

    WOD: 5 complete rounds plus one more rd of waiter walks using 53# KBs

  11. Did new pr of 205lbs on the front squat, then failed on the 4th attempt at that weight on the back squat. On the wod used 35lb kb on the front rack position,and did 4 rounds plus 60 meters and 6 knees to elbow. Liked the wod and felt good overall.

  12. Mary

    Front squat 145……barely! Then back squatted 4 reps.

    Used 26lbs for waiter walk…got through 4 rounds + 3 toes to elbows in 10 min.

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