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General Fitness 06.08.15


General Fitness 06.08.15

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

Every other min on the min for 10 min
5 Back squats @ 75%

4 Sets
800M Run 85%
200M Walk
Use your walk as your rest

ACC work
5X5 Strict Pull ups (Overhand grip)
If you need to scale to a band use something challenging or go to ring rows

Cool Down
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9 Responses

  1. Russian Princess

    70% of my 1rm was 160#.
    Got heavy real quick.
    800m runs sucked after that. I cursed brendens name the whole time.
    Around 3:50-4:00 min on all of them.
    Fun crew this morning.

  2. Samm

    Chose the Air conditioned venue of Anytime for today’s work out.

    75%=145, felt a little heavy, but good overall.

    Runs were horrible. Did one full one at 4:08, and my shins and Achilles were completely smoked after that. Felt like I couldn’t lift my foot whenever I attempted to run after the first 1/2 mile, so I walked/jogged for another 2 miles to get some time in 🙁 pretty frustrating, and I’m sure doing it treadmill style wasn’t my friend.

    Assisted strict pull ups on the machine
    4×5 @ 55lbs
    1×5 at 45lbs (and that was BARELY getting my chin over the bar on the last 2)

  3. Dirk b

    Squats…1×5 265 4×5 295. 5th rep was tough….
    Calf didn’t like the run… 1×800 jog then 1k row 3:54… The jogged last two rounds… Didn’t track time just tried to move… Red rubber band 2×5 strict pull ups.

  4. Tiffany Carley

    Squats @ 75% 215. 4Th and 5Th reps of each set were tough.
    Running is not my thing, but I kept moving and ran/jogged as fast as my legs would go. Only walked on the 200m. It took 36ish mins. I finished, so i was happy. 🙂

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Every other min on the min for 10 min
    5 Back squats @ 75% – 140#

    4 Sets
    800M Run 85%
    200M Walk
    Use your walk as your rest
    25 ish minutes
    Runs 4:10-4:30

    ACC work
    5X5 Strict Pull ups
    1 – 3 unbanded + 2 w/ orange band
    2 – 5 w/ orange band
    3 – 3 w/ orange band + 2 w/ small red band
    4 – 5 w/ small red band
    5 – 5 w/ small red band

  6. Teressa

    Squats 5X5 @ 75%: 125

    800m runs: 3:51, 4:01, 4:20, 4:10
    It was HOT!!! My car said 111 degrees when I got in it after class…

    5×5 strict pull-ups with thin blue band

  7. Will

    first 2 rds did 245 70%
    last 3 rds did 265 75%

    800m weren’t fun in that heat only did 2 rounds and didnt record my time

  8. H

    160# @ 75% – First 3 sets were hard. Last two felt like I got lower and was in more control.
    4:35, 4;33, :4:34, 4:30. Running in the heat was really hard. Don’t think I’ve sweated like that in a long time.

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