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General Fitness 06.09.14


General Fitness 06.09.14

Prep Work
3 rds of
5X snatch grip dead lift
5X snatch grip RDL+Pull-Focusing on the scoop position and driving into a good pulling position from the hip
5X Power Snatch+OHS-Hit the power snatch then stand up all the way and regroup for the OHS

Power snatch
Try to hold onto the bar for each set progressively getting heavier with each set

5 Rds for time
400M run
15 OHS 95/65

Cool Down
Post results

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18 Responses

  1. Irina

    75 for 1rm on power snatch. Form is getting better.

    14:12 on Nancy with 55#. Fun one today. I surprised myself on this one.

  2. Tasha M

    Power Snatch: went light to continue working on form. 45lbs. I basically muscle it, having hard time keeping the bar close to body.
    Nancy: used 35lb. (OHS are another hard one for me) 18:20.

  3. Janel

    Power snatch at 65. Felt I could go heavier but still being careful. Modified the WOD. Ran 200m OHS 35. Still workng on flexibility and mobility.

  4. Michael

    Power Snatch: 135, 140, 145, 150, 155(f)
    WOD: 14:58 RX

    Thanks to everyone at Reformation and especially Brenden and Marcos for the last 3+ weeks of training. I’m heading back home to Chicago. See everyone again next year!

    If you are going to the CrossFit Games in Cali this summer, stop by and say ‘Hi’ at the WODHOPPER booth.


  5. Brenda Esquivel

    I really superized myself today. I used a 35# bar for the first time for my prep work on my last round.
    Oly- I hit a new PR 55#
    WOD- 20:54, 35# this is a new time for me as well !!!
    Feel great about my accomplishment!s !!!

  6. Rod Pinon

    Loved todays wod! Great combination of weight and cardio. Worked up to 135 on the snatch, wod i did 95 lbs and rowed 500 meters time was 19:38

  7. Renate Thompson

    Worked up to 65# on the power snatch, working on form.
    Modified the WOD with 400 meter row, and used #45 for the OHS. Finished in 20:20. Felt good to go slow and steady.

  8. Silvia Rojas

    Stayed at 55# for the power snatch mainly working on form…modified “Nancy” with 400m row and alternating lunges with 15# finished at 21:45

  9. Matt Stiles

    Snatch: 75/95/105/115/135/145 (x1) (ugly)

    WOD: Used 95lbs, quite the shock doing that many OVH squats. Got some much needed work. Time: 19:48

    Tough day!

  10. Andy

    Power snatch form getting way better 5×2 @ 95#

    45# ohs : will add a little weight next time but wanted to get through workout alive.

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