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General Fitness 06.09.15


General Fitness 06.09.15

Prep Work
500M Row/2min air dyne ride/400M Jog
50′ Inch worm No pushup***
2-5 Min mobility work your choice

30 Min AMRAP
750M Row
10 KB Stationary lunges 62/44
15 Burpees
Rest 2-4 Min

ACC Work
2X50′ Inchworm push up
2X50′ Butt scoot
2X50′ Reverse crab walk-High hip

C0ol Down
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9 Responses

  1. BG

    Halla At Your Boy…… BG Is back.!
    Good 30 Minute WOD:
    750 Meter Row- Time: 3:00-3:10
    10- Lunges @ 44lbs (2)
    15 Burpees
    The row was getting to me. Hammy’s are feeling it after the lunges.
    Rest was about 2-3 minutes.
    Solid work 5am Crew!

  2. Dirk b

    Kb 44#
    2:37 row 5:30 time
    2:30 restish
    2:38 row 5:30 time
    2:56 row 5:30 time
    2:57 row 5:00 right at the 30 min mark. So 4 rounds total.
    Nice wod love the 20min + wods all day!

  3. Jim

    For 1st 3 rounds kept a 1:50 to 1:55 pace per 500m finished around 2:50 at 750m last round was finished at 3:00 even. Used 35#kbs for lunges knee is feeling better, still sore laterally. Also was able to do burpees today. Finished 4 complete rounds at 28:16 took 2:30 mins breaks.

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    My first two rows I paced at 2:20-2:30, then B said to keep it under 2:15. Lunges w/ 35# KBs.

    1- 5:15
    2- 5:15
    3- 5:06
    4- 5:25
    5- Only rested 1 minute then completed 470 m on row

    ACC Work
    2X50′ Inchworm push up
    2X50′ Butt scoot
    2X50′ Reverse crab walk-High hip

  5. Teressa

    Made it through 4 rounds:
    1) 3:10 row, total 5:25
    2) 3:11 row, 5:29
    3) 3:12 row, 4:51
    4) 3:12 row, 5:24

    I rested 2-3 min between rounds

    The rowing felt like it got harder every round, but I somehow stayed pretty constant with my time.
    Used 35# kbs for lunges, these were the hardest part of the WOD for me!

    I thought the 4th round was my last one for some reason and gunned it… and then realized there was still a lot more time on the clock. Surprised I was able to keep a decent pace for the last round!

    The accessory work was kind of fun today, definitely challenging after the WOD.

    Talk about SWEATY! 🙂

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