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General Fitness 06.10.14


General Fitness 06.10.14

Prep Work
500M row
3×7-10 lunge single bell strict press each side
3×10 lat pulls

Taking last Mondays (click here) strict press max-Take 70% and perform the following
On the final set you will perform max reps with a cap of 15. This number will determine what we do next week.

15 Min AMRAP
20 American Swings 70/53lbs
15  Toes to bar
10 Burpees

ACC Work
3X:30 Bird-dog hold R+L

Cool Down
Post results

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16 Responses

  1. Jim

    Stayed light on Shoulder Press, did 1 set at 75#, 1 at 85#, then dropped to 80# and did 8 reps. For the WOD I used 53#KB, did 3 Rounds plus 22 reps. Gassed at end.

  2. Kristopher Bailey

    Press: I started at 90 and worked up to 110 in 5 pound increments. WOD I performed 4 rounds plus 6 Americans using green KB.

  3. Susana

    Strict Press: I such at this!!!!! I used 55 cuz my form is soooo bad! My wrist bend back:( I got 6 reps in last one!!

    15min amrap: 4 rounds. Used 44 pounds for swings, did a combo of T2B and knees to elbow. I can’t seem to string my t2b together!! Knees to elbow I can.

    Did the bird-dog hold…

    Went for a mile run afterwards

  4. Silvia Rojas

    Stayed at 75# for the strict press the whole time 5,5,5,7….did the WOD at 26# KB for the American swings, did RX on the t2b and burpees -got 3 rounds + 38

  5. Tasha M

    Strict press at 55lb, last set did another 5.
    WOD: 35lb KB. 4 Rounds+ the 20 American Swings.
    Was HARD, but I so needed it.

  6. 105 strict press. I did an extra set by accident. I did 5,5,5,9

    For the WOD I used the 70 pound bell and it was tough but I was able to pound out 4 full rounds. I had 10 seconds left when I got done but I whimped out and didn’t do any extra American swings

  7. Juanman

    90# for strict press but was more like 80% for me. WOD: 4 rounds plus 10 kb swings w green kb. I couldn’t find a good pace and broke it multiple times, probably the kb was too heavy.

  8. saint6113

    105lbs strict press 44 kb 5 rounds Brandon made me a work out in the afternoon that kicked my butt… legs are on fire. ..

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    For the strict press I used 55# and did 5, 5, 10. For the WOD I did 4 rounds and completed 20 American swings w 26# KB, and 8 knees to elbows. The bird dog is always fun!

  10. T

    Strict press 75# did 5,5,7. Last set was hard.
    Used 55 KB for WOD
    4+37 final score. The kettle bells really pushed me. By the time I got to each set of t2b my arms felt burnt. The last 2 rounds I was getting them in 2’s and singles. By the time I was done and doing bird dog I had sweat dripping off my nose. A real barn burner today.

  11. Did 75lb for 5,5,5 just to work on form on the strick press. On the wod did knees to arm-pits, and swung 44lb kb.Finished with 3 rounds and 13 swings.Rowed 500m to cool down. Felt great!!

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