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General Fitness 06.10.15


General Fitness 06.10.15

Prep Work
3 rds through of 45/35
3 Clean Grip DL
3 Muscle clean
3 Push press
3 Push jerk
3 Clean and Push jerk

15 Min To establish a heavy
Clean +push jerk

10 Rds for time
5 pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

ACC Work
3X45 Hollow hold

Cool Down

Post results

7 Responses

  1. BG

    Good 5am burner!
    It’s hard to keep up with Clint ( BFF ) Ivan ( GQ ) and Super Dave!
    Good push boys!
    Apparently I did 11 rounds.
    Went unbroken untill about the 6-7 round then broke up the push ups.
    11 round time was : 8:39
    Nevertheless it was fun!
    Good stuff 5am Crew.!!

  2. Russian Princess

    125# for clean and push jerk. I did clean 130# (failed on the jerk) which I haven’t been able to do for a while, so I was happy with my lifting today.
    8:40 for WOD.
    I wanted to beat the 5 am boys…looks like I can keep dreaming.

  3. Vanessa Esquivel

    Clean + push jerk – 105#

    10 Rds for time
    5 pull ups – strict with large red band
    10 Push ups – regular
    15 Air squats

    ACC Work
    3X45 Hollow hold

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