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General Fitness 06.12.15


General Fitness 06.12.15

Prep Work
2min jump rope skill work

2X30 Soleus stretch
2X30 Gastroc/Calf Stretch
2X10 Walking high kicks

Partner Banded sprints
10 X 30M( To the Building)
Rest as need in between sets no more then :45

Work up to a heavy 3 rep on Front squat
10 min cap-Yes your legs should be tired

3 rds for time
10 Burpee box Jumps-Step down
20 American Swings 70/53

Cool Down
Post results

8 Responses

  1. BG

    Oh my.! What a good WOD.
    I’ll skip to the fun part.
    Partner Banded Sprints:
    Jesse and I Used The Big Black Band. ( was not fun )
    Legs felt like he jello I ate last night 🙂
    Squats ( Back Squats ) 185×3
    Wasn’t a good idea 🙂
    Main WOD:
    3 Rounds
    24 Inch Box Jumps ( step down)
    Time: 9:48. Probably could of gone a little faster, but those box jumps seemed higher and higher every time.
    Good work 5am Crew.

  2. Hannah

    Sprints with Mandi with the green band…Mandi is very strong… 🙂
    Three front squats at 105 lbs
    Did burpee box jumps and American swings with 35 lbs in 6:44

  3. Sarah H

    Did banding sprints- chech, 135×3- front squats for my high, and 10:00 mins. On box jumps- Burbees and American swings- with yellow! My feet are still cramping a lot- they are just on fire-

  4. Will

    A: Banded Sprints
    Only did 8 of 10 my lungs were on fire for these!

    B: Front Squats
    Haven’t treated these in a long time they felt good though worked up to 255 for a 3 rep which beats my previous max by 50lbs

    C: These were good to do for endurance purposes finished in 7:38
    My body was just tired from all the other work but not so tired that I couldn’t do it which is what I need to work on my breathing

  5. Samm

    Banded sprints kicked booty!

    135# for 3, probably could have pushed a little heavier but ran out of time

    Black KB
    Step ups (wasn’t trying to crack my shin today yo)

    Spicy indeed, B!

  6. Eddie

    Did 8 of 10 banded sprints legs were on fire.
    145 lbs x 3 all time low my knee was killing me.
    Finished off with the WOD: 10 min.
    Great workout!! Still really sore from wed. WOD.

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    A. Partner Banded sprints 10 X 30M
    Sprinting anything is my weakness.

    B. Heavy 3 rep Front squat – 145#

    C. 3 rds for time
    10 Burpee box Jumps-Step down
    20 American Swings

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