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General Fitness 06.13.14

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  1. Irina

    Bench-PR at 125 today. Thanks Jose.

    Cindy-19 full rounds. Did 100 push up total yesterday so I switched to knee push ups on round 6 today. Ripped them callouses again. Gosh dang it. Good start to a weekend tho.

  2. Jim

    Jimbo did not Bench today trying to get my AC Joint to heal so I was a spotter for Rod Dog and Jesse, they did awesome! As far as Cindy goes I got thru 12 rounds plus 5 Pull Ups. All Pull-ups were strict in-banded, Push-ups were all normal – I did go more wide with my hands though. Great workout today! Worked out across from Irina today, she tore it up! She’s getting strong.

  3. Brenda Esquivel

    Prep Work
    It really got my heart rate up. I enjoyed the stars-jump squats. It was something new.

    I hit a new PR# 100 tried 105 but it was a no go, Next Time!!!

    WOD “Cindy”
    I got 13. I was able to get in 5 pull up and 5 air squats for my 14.

  4. Will Bradford

    1RM bench was 195 failed at 205 but that’s more then I thought I could do. For the WOD did 12 rds plus 5 and man am I tired lol

  5. Heather

    125# bench
    115# – with elbows in & correct form
    Used blue band – need to throw that out next time.
    Did knee push-ups.

    I really liked Cindy!!

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Bench press 1RM – 90#

    “Cindy” – 18 rounds + 5, 10, 10. Push ups were off my knees and I used the thicker red band for kipping pull-ups. Ripped a callus on each of my hands and that was a first.

  7. Hannah Ramos

    65# bench press, 12+18 rounds for Cindy. Modified push-ups, thin red band for pull-ups, threw in some sit-ups cause the push-ups were a lot 🙂

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