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General Fitness 06.14.14


General Fitness 06.14.14

Prep Work
Team Stretch

In teams of 2 you will have 5 attempts to build up to a heavy Hang Clean for each of you.
One partner working at a time
4 Rds
60M DB KB Suitcase carry
20 DB KB Russian swings

Cool Down
Post results

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7 Responses

  1. Jim

    Fun WOD today! Partnered up with my buddy Rod, always enjoy working with him.
    Hang Power Clean I got 165# up, failed at 175#, Rod got 115# up, 290# total. For the Dbl KB Suitcase Carry / Russian swing I used 53# Rod did 35#, total time 5:30.

  2. Tasha M

    My post got erased I think.
    I partnered with Alexander, and don’t know what his hang clean was.
    Mine was 80lbs.
    I don’t know what our time finished was either.
    We used 36lb KB and each of us did one full round each set.

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