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General Fitness 06.16.14


General Fitness 06.16.14

Prep work
3 rds of

5X snatch grip dead lift
5X snatch grip RDL+Pull-Focusing on the scoop position and driving into a good pulling position from the hip
5X Power Snatch+OHS-Hit the power snatch then stand up all the way and regroup for the OHS

Building on top of last weeks oly set
5 sets of
hang power snatch+power snatch+ohs
Let your form determine how heavy you go

5 Rds of
14 Diggers
7 DB KB cleans
14 push press
7 long cycles
Rest as needed in between sets
Goal is to move a heavy weight unbroken for each set

ACC work
5 min handstand practice
1st drill- wall walk
2nd drill- standing kick to HS
3rd drill- 3-9′ HS walk to wall
4th drill- freestanding HS

Cool down
Post results

8 Responses

  1. Irina

    Taking it real easy this week for a couple of reasons one being that I am running a half marathon on saturday that I didn’t really train for.
    With that said
    PRed on OHS at 70# today. And that was my limiting factor for the complex.
    Round 1 26s dropped at 7 long cycle.
    Round 2 full round with 17s
    Round 3 full round with 26s
    Round 4 26s dropped at 9 push presses.
    Did some handstands after.
    I’m just beat up but that WOD felt good. Happy Monday everyone!

  2. Jim

    I substituted Cleans for the Snatch Complex, worked up to 165#, held my front squat in the hole for a count of 2.
    For the WOD I used 35# KBs, was able to do 1st & 2nd set unbroken, sets 3 thru 5 I had to set the bells down. I was super gassed at the end of the WOD. Excellent Monday workout, thanks Reformation!

  3. Whitney

    Worked on technique with the power snatchs and OHS, also giving my knees a bit of rest.

    WOD – used 26# KB
    Had to set it down for all the rounds but as it went on I went further and further through the sets before setting it down. Don’t know why but mentally this one roughed me up, but after finishing it I feel like I’ve gotten back into a good groove.

  4. Brenda Esquivel

    Prep work
    Is always helpful for me. I really want to make sure that I get that down before anything else.
    I picked up where I left off 55# from last time but it seemed a little more difficult this time around for some reason so I definitely need to master this before even moving on.
    I did 4 rounds with pink KB. 5 round I used blue KB but broke at 6 push press. I still completed my 5 round thou.
    Acc. Work
    Only did the 1 drill (wall walk) not comfy with others yet but working progress.

  5. Kristopher Bailey

    I started the WOD with 26 and then ended with 35. Keeping the momentum with the diggers was difficult for me. I wanted to drop them. With prep work I kept it light and worked on skills.

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