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General Fitness 06.18.14


General Fitness 06.18.14

Prep Work
500M row
3×7-10 lunge single bell strict press each side
3×10 lat pulls

Taking last Tuesdays strict press set add the additional weight to the category you fall into.
If last week you Pressed your 70%
For 5-9 Reps add 5Lbs
For 10-14 Reps add 10lbs
For 15 Reps add 15lbs

If your were not here for last Tuesday you will work up to a heavy strict press for the day.


3 Rds
3 Rope Climbs
10 Wall Balls
20 Russian twists w/med ball
10 Wall Balls
3 Rop Climbs
Rest 4 Min

Cool Down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. Jim

    For the Shoulder Press I did 1 set of 5 @ 80#, 2 sets of 5 @ 85#, and did final set @ 85# 6 times.
    For the WOD, I was wrong as usual – I didn’t think it looked too terribly bad, but when it was over I had other thoughts. Took me about 22 minutes to complete. I couldn’t get the last rope climb of the 2nd round nor the last 3 of the last round, did those as negatives. I got 14 full rope climbs. Totally gassed at end of workout, my hands are beat up! Good workout today!

  2. Irina

    Shoulder Press 5,5,5+ @70% of max at 65#. 10 reps on last set.
    Rnd 1 No rope climbs did negatives-2:06
    Rnd 2 1 rope climb then negatives-2:17
    Rnd 3 1 rope climb then negatives-3:00
    Good WOD. I like the rope climbs but i feel like we don’t practice them enough so I’m not efficient. Would be nice to have those incorporated more often so we can do that many reps.

  3. Whitney

    Strict Press 5, 5, 5+ (14) at 45# (70% of 65# 1RM)

    WOD in about 23ish minutes I forgot to look at the end time. Scaled the rope climbs down to 1 instead of 3, for a total of 6 full rope climbs, which is an improvement since the most I have ever done in a day is 2. I like the idea of practicing them more so that we can eventually do the full amount.

  4. Susana

    Strict Press: I HATE you!!! 70 pounds is all I could do!!:( waaa

    3 rounds: um I wore booty shorts…. No bueno! Couldn’t do all ripe climbs due to the lose of skin on my thighs! ended up doing the descent version. Used 16 pound ball. Took me 18.5 min.

  5. Silvia Rojas

    Strict press at 70% -65 (5,5,5)
    WOD – instead of doing 6 rope climbs per round I did 4 per round, used the lightest wall ball though for all the rounds, I had to be out of the box right at the hour so I took a 1 min rest in between my last round so I finished around 19 min.

  6. T

    Strict press first set of 5 used 85 ouch. Second set wasn’t going to be able to finish so dropped and used 80#. Then third set used 80# and completed 7. That was a bit frustrating.
    WOD – didn’t know about rope climbs (phone died before I could check the WOD) so I did 3 descent and pull up with straight legs for rope climbs. Used blue ball (haha) on wall balls and twists. Those felt a little easy so I practiced trying to hit the mark for men.
    Times 2:44, 2:30, 2:29. Finish time was 15:44.

  7. Jenna

    Strict press worked up to 70#
    WOD finished around 23 minutes did the descents instead of rope climbs.
    Used the 14lb ball

  8. Ana

    Strict press 15 @ 50 lbs, one rope climb to the top, yay! The rest were done with my feet on the ground. 14 lb ball. Didn’t. Track my time.

  9. Mary

    Push press one rep max @ 65lbs (missed last weeks push press)
    WOD-did 2 rope climbs per set, used 12lb ball, and finished in a little over 20 min….

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