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General Fitness 06.24.14


General Fitness 06.24.14

Reminder we will be having our 1 year anniversary celebration this Saturday the 28th. The plan is to have 1 workout at 10am. (some sort of team event more details to come) then food, drinks, BBQ. Bring your own drinks and a side dish if you want we will provide the meat:). We will also be having a swap party. Bring any CrossFit gear that you don’t use anymore and you can trade it out for someone else’s. Hope to see everyone there. 

Prep Work
100 Single skip jump rope
Jump rope running drill 3X50′

3X800M Run
Rest 2 Min

2X Max DB KB Rack hold 53/35

ACC Work
5X5 DB KB Strict press same weight for all sets

Cool Down
Post results

10 Responses

  1. Andrea

    The runs were way better listening to music on my cell phone. Not faster, but less torturous. 5:17, 5:27, 5:42

    KB hold in front rack 10 minutes. I swear I thought I grabbed 35s, but it turns out I never look at the weights, so the blues are actually 26#s.

  2. Whitney

    3×800 Felt good 4:10, 4:16, 4:20

    DB KB Rack 35# 2:00, 1:00 (had a really hard time breathing and learned the side to side technique after)

    Acc DB KB Press 18# (felt good)

  3. 3:01, 3:06, 3:25
    I felt good about my times.

    2:48,2:45 on my 53 pound KB hold. I was disappointed in those times

    5×5 strict press KB I used 53 pounds, it was difficult but I got all my reps in

  4. Tasha M

    I don’t like running.. How many times do I need to say that, right?!? :}
    350, 354, 354.
    35lb KB for hold 2:35, 3:00.
    Used the pink for the KB presses.
    School SUCKS, so happy to be back today after a week!!

  5. Lindsay Sinnes

    Good day. Messed up calf 🙁 So, I rowed for 1000 meters; not fun lol
    3rd round, did not due because my foot cramped. I’m falling apart lol
    So, I’m going to give the squat challenge a try this week to work on mobility!
    Very happy with 8:28 DBLE KB hold with the 35#

  6. Heather

    The team did great on pushing me & my hamstring didn’t hurt either.
    DBKB – 8:31
    After 4 min I just had to go the distance. Thanks for everyone’s help!
    Acc – 18#kb

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    3 x 800 M run times were 3:50, 3:45, and 3:49. I used the 35# KBs for DB KB rack holds and did 1:34 and 2:09. The rack hold was much more difficult than I expected, if it wasn’t for Marcos telling me 5 more seconds every 2 seconds I don’t think I would have made it to the 2 minute mark, so thank you! I’m excited to try that again in the future and do better! For ACC work I used the 26# KB for 2 x 5 and switched to 18# KB for 3 x 5. Good day today!

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