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General Fitness 06.27.15


General Fitness 06.27.15

Reminder we will be having our 1 year anniversary celebration this Saturday the 28th. The plan is to have 1 workout at 10am. (some sort of team event more details to come) then food, drinks, BBQ. Bring your own drinks and a side dish if you want we will provide the meat:). We will also be having a swap party. Bring any CrossFit gear that you don’t use anymore and you can trade it out for someone else’s. Hope to see everyone there.

Prep Work
400M Jog
3×7-10 lunge single bell strict press each side
3×10 lat pulls

Strict press
Taking last tuesdays strict press set add the additional weight to the category you fall into.
If last week you Pressed your 70%
For 5-9 Reps add 5Lbs
For 10-14 Reps add 10lbs
For 15 Reps add 15lbs

8Min Max Distance rowed
Rest as needed then

15 Chest to bar pull up
10 Burpees
5 Heavy Dumbbell hang clean and jerk

Cool Down
Post results

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  1. Vanessa Esquivel

    Weather was perfect this morning for prep work. For strict press I used 60# and did 5,5,5. Max distance on 8 minute row was 1611 M.

    2 rounds plus 2 chest to bar pull ups. Red band for chest to bar pull ups and 25# DBs for hang clean and jerk.

  2. Jim

    For the Shoulder Press did 1 warmup round at 75#, then moved up to 90# for the 3 rounds. Did 2 sets of 5 and 1 set of 7.
    8 minute row, tried staying around a 2:05 pace, it bounced around that and 2:12, Marcos saw my pace and wanted me around 2:00, I ended up with 1960 m.
    5 min AMRAP, got 1 full round plus 10 chest to bar. Did my Pull-ups unbanded.
    Good Friday workout

  3. Irina

    Press 75# 5,5,10
    1820 for row. More efficient than ever. Proud of this.
    Amrap mentally discouraging an defeating. Even with the green band those C2B aren’t happening. I hate it. 2 full rounds with maybe only 7 total C2B in there. 20s for C&J. I just gave up. Like I said, mentally hard.

  4. Krystal Valdez

    great workout today!! pushed my self to the limit with the help of Gina and got 2 full rounds plus 6 pull ups..8 min row (1663 meters) and 75lb in shoulder press. Super Sore, But Super excited to be back at the box daily!! xoxox

  5. Tiffany Carley

    Press- worked to establish something heavy because I haven’t been in for awhile. 5 reps @75,85,90.
    8 min row got to 1733 tried to keep a 2:15 pace.
    WOD-1 full round + 10 did kipping pull ups and used 30pd dbs for c&j
    Need to work on pull ups. They take me forever to do.
    Enjoyed working super hard today.

  6. Whitney

    Press at 55# – 5,5, 10
    8 min row – 1885
    AMRAP – 2 rounds using thicker blue band for pull-ups and 20# dbs

    Felt good but super sore from the wall balls

  7. MaryO

    Row: 1896m in 8 min and 2 rounds in the 5 min. Amrap. Did Kipling pull-ups and used 26lb kettle bells…probably should’ve used the blue kettle bells. My body was SO sore today, from Karen & the RDLs….and after today’s workout, I don’t expect it to feel any better anytime soon.

  8. Tasha M

    I didn’t know where I was on the strict press.
    Did 3 at 65lb, then dropped it to 60 and did 3.
    Finally 55lb: 5, 4, 5
    Row at 1694 meters
    WOD:1 clean and jerk from completing two full rounds. Pull ups using blue band, and 25lb weights.
    The pull ups take me so much time, because I cant get a rhythm.

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