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General Fitness 06.30.14


General Fitness 06.30.14

Prep work
2X30 table top stretch
2X 30 couch stretch
2X30 soleus stretch

5X5 back back squat
Pick a weight and try and stick to it for all sets

400M run
25 pull ups
25 push ups
Focus on quality of movements, if you have been using a band try and use a smaller band and challenge yourself.

Cool down
Post results

15 Responses

  1. Vanessa Esquivel

    Back squat 5×5 at 85#. Felt a little light, but I’m glad we did some squats!

    Completed today’s WOD in 16:45. I used the red band for kipping pull-ups and did the first two rounds of push-ups from my feet. To keep good form I went from my knees on the push-ups in the last round. Great workout today!

  2. Irina

    I love me some squats on Monday morning. Could that be part of our
    cult ritual?
    140# for all 5 sets. Felt a bit too light.
    WOD 15:35ish worked on getting each pull up a good chin up. Tried alternating grip, didn’t help much. Just need more strength. It was an unexpected gasser.
    I like “fun of the day” terminology.

  3. Jim

    Fun Monday workout. I stayed around 70% of my 1 rep max for Back Squats, did 1 warmup set at 135#, then did 5 sets of 185#. For the WOD I completed it in 16:35, 1st round did the pull-ups in sets of 5 and push-ups in 2 10s and 1 5. Rounds 2 and 3, did whatever it took to get the reps done. Got my butt kicked today as usual.

  4. Tiffany Carley

    Back Sqaut 5×5 @ 175lbs. Felt really good. Could’ve gone a bit heavier. I forgot to look at my time for the WOD but it was probably around 20 mins. It took me forever. 🙂

  5. Susana

    Back squats: I did 135 pounds left good!
    Omg!! It was soooo hot! Heat stroke!! Total time was 23:46 min! My pull ups suck!! Got blood bluster at 15th rep on last round so I just did strict pull ups on blue band.

  6. Lindsay Sinnes

    Did 5×5 at 135#. Stayed lighter, back/neck been sore.

    WOD: 18:04
    Mild run because of calf, tightened some the first round but felt better!
    First round 25 kipping but hand tore a little. Used the red band and did 10x strict.
    Did push ups from knees.
    Good day

  7. Sarah Painter

    140lbs on squats. Have no idea how long it took me! Green band on pull ups and push ups from my knees. I felt like dying afterwards. Definitely need to start running more often!

  8. Tasha M

    -Squat 85 first round then 95 rest. Felt light, should of added, but wanted to get through without dropping weight.
    -Don’t know time for WOD. Used blue band, think I should start using Red. Push ups first set did 10 strict, and then 5 on the other two rounds, did rest on knees.

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