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General Fitness 06.30.15


General Fitness 06.30.15

Prep Work
400M Run

50′ Inchworm push up

2X5 Burpee broad jump
2X Row practice starts (3/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1,1+100M)

Take the practice rows as a chance to really get that c2 moving. After your start pulls should should settle into your pace for the 10 min but only go to 100M. rest then restart Remember the start pulls will only involve the drive out with the legs and arms, No lean back until you are into your distance pace.


4X1Min Max distance row

rest will be determined on how many partners you have try and keep it to 3 per rower or less, this should be 100% effort.

For portion B you can choose whichever you would like to work on, LVL 1 is going to be geared towards a developing grip and a quick pace. Work on cutting down on your rest breaks and keep chipping away at reps.
LVL 2 will be working towards developing your grip and grit but will add in the possibility to go throughout the workout without dropping. If you choose to perform LVL 2 you must do it at the suggested weights and try to go unbroken. (If you haven’t used the 70/53lb bell for American swings go with LVL 1 today.

For time

100 American swings 62/44

100 Burpees

For time

30 American swings 70/53

30 Burpees

50 Russian swings

30 Burpees

30 American swings
*****For the athletes that like to try and create their own version of these workouts… please don’t, assess which LVL you should perform and tackle it. Ask a coach for assistance if modification is need.
Cool Down


Post results

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7 Responses

  1. BG

    Legs were on fire from yesterday.

    Practice Row
    1-100M. Still trying to find the good pace. Getting better.

    4×1:00 Row.
    Boy that was breathe taking.
    Chad Peteraon and I hooked up.
    Rounds by Meters
    Wrote them down but forgot them on the white board.
    Row Times
    305-286. Row ended at 1:00 minute mark, not when the rower actually stopped.
    Did Level 2…. Horrible but glad I did it.

    70lbs KB
    30 American
    30 Burpees
    50 Russian
    30 Burpees
    30 American

    American Swings got real.!!
    Peterson called me out on the Russian Swings. Did not realize that it was 50. I did 30 and started on the burpees when he called me out. So went back to finish my last 20 reps. ( all I remember seeing was 30. My bad )
    Was about drained after this one.
    And of course I did not go unbroken on any of the KB swings.

    I want to say my time was 10:14….. Could be wrong. Or could be right. What ever.!

    Good am WOD.!

  2. Jim

    Today was absolutely brutal!
    For the rowing: 332, 337, 312, & 290. Legs hit a wall at 45 secs on 3rd round and 30 secs on the 4th round. They just did not want to drive anymore, I have never experienced that while rowing before.
    For WOD I did LVL 1 really wanted #2 but knew I couldn’t do it with a 70# KB unbroken. I pulled the old guy trump card and used 53# KB, glad I did since a 100 swings was tough especially on the hands. Broke them up in sets of 10s. Unfortunately I was at 70 burpees when 7:00 came and had to get to work.
    This was tough programming today! Brenden you are borderline nuts!

  3. Brad L.

    This was a real gasser… I don’t think the rowing helped.
    For the rowing: It was between 275M and 295M. On the 4th round, I hit a wall and couldn’t go any faster.
    WOD: I wanted to do LVL 2 but ended up doing LVL 1. I used 53#, got up to 70 burpees before time ran out, and Ibuprofen for the shoulder. I broke up the swings and burpees in 10s.

  4. hannah

    Rowing was hard 🙁
    1- 270m
    2- 269m
    3- 261m
    4- 268m

    35 lbs for American swings. Broke up into sets of 10. Finished in 8:36.

    Burpees in sets of 10 and a few in sets of 15. Finished both the American swings and burpees at 18:55.

  5. Tiffany

    OK rowing I did good, 295, 284, 268, 268. The last part was awful I toot a lot of breaks I was feeling pretty light headed, probably due to the heat, and I didn’t eat that much in the morning, took a full 20 minutes to get through.

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    What a day!

    A. 4X1Min Max distance row.
    272 m, 262 m, 264 m, 266 m

    Partnered with my guy <3 Did this portion at 6 am and my legs were jello. Then I felt very sick, too sick to go on.. So I came back at noon for part B.

    B. LVL 1
    For time
    100 American swings 44#
    100 Burpees
    15-16 minutes-ish

  7. A.

    4X1Min Max distance row

    Partnered up with Apollo. Awesome workout partner

    This portion destroyed me for the rest of the workout, but its one of my weaknesses so went for it.
    all my meters were with rollover meters not when the clock hit 1 min.. was just easier to keep track.

    LVL 2

    I was wrecked going into this… Thanks to Apollo for the push.
    Was able to go Unbroken on all the KB swings, but if i didn’t have B and Apollo that i was trying to catch i don’t think i would have done it.

    Burpees were probably some of the slowest burpees i have ever done… Was stretching my forearms in between… Just a train wreck on the burpees.. Pretty sure they were more like, fall down, and get up….time was about 13:20 i think..

    The intensity was on point today.. Awesome job 4:30pm crew.

    rolled out, worked on some back mobility…

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