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General Fitness 07.01.14


General Fitness 07.01.14

Prep Work
3 rds of
5X snatch grip dead lift
5X snatch grip RDL+Pull-Focusing on the scoop position and driving into a good pulling position from the hip
5X Power Snatch+OHS-Hit the power snatch then stand up all the way and regroup for the OHS

15 Min To build up to a max Power snatch

Sled Push 60M-Heavy weight
10 Man Makers-Pushup, row right, row left, stand up, power clean, shoulder to OVHD.

ACC Work
3X30 Hollow Rock

Cool Down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. Irina

    85# PR on power snatch but most importantly I finally figured out what I wasn’t doing. Felt real good. Thanks coaches!
    2 35s on self push, 3 rounds+2 man makers. Such a gasser. Fun work out!

  2. Jim

    Did Power Cleans insted of Snatches, got up to 175#, failed at 185#, shoulder is feeling much better.
    For the WOD, I put 140# on the sled, might have been a lil over zealous, used 30# for dumbbells, would have preferred 35s or 40s for the Man Makers only got 2 complete rounds. This was a tough one for me.

  3. Vanessa Esquivel

    Finally getting comfortable with the power snatch, 60# PR and failed at 65#. WOD was tough today, made it through 2 complete rounds and 1 sled push plus 2 man makers using 15# DBs. Glad that is done and over with!

  4. Tiffany

    Worked up to 85 lbs on power snatch. I’ve been at 85 lbs for awhile so next time I’ll try to go heavier.
    WOD-70pds on sled pushes. 25lb db on manmakers. 1 rep shy of 2 full RDS. That was a tough one. Felt like I got a really good workout.
    Acc-3×30 hollow rocks

  5. Mandi

    Worked up to 75# on power snatch, still trying to work on my technique. For the WOD I used 15# db and 50# for the sled push. Then Brenden added 20 more pounds on the last round…I think maybe I did something to make him mad:) Completes 2 full rounds plus sled push and 3 man makers.

  6. Tasha M

    -60lbs on snatch. May of been able to go heavier, but my form sucks!
    -70lbs on sled, 20lb db.
    -2 full rounds for WOD+1 sled went over time by few seconds.

  7. Heather

    105 snatch, 50# black sled, 20# DB – 2 + 1/2 a sled. Ouch my quads. Good workout, both were new activities for me.

  8. Susana

    Only got to 95 pounds but we figured out that my problem is in my hang! So at least I can work on that!

    8 min amrap: sled push- 80 pounds and 30 pound dumb bells! That was all really heavy! Lol got 1 round + 3 man makers!

    Hollow rocks I was able to get them pretty close to 30 sec

  9. Lindsay Sinnes

    Made some adjustments to help with sore upper back. Thanks Coaches!!
    Did 5×12 (6 R6 L)single KB hold walking lunges for 15 minutes.
    8 minute amramp
    Sled 100#
    DB at 15#
    2 rounds pluse 75% sled push…Great Day! Hot!!

  10. Sarah Painter

    105# snatch. 50# on sled push. 20# DB on man makers. 2 rounds plus 3 man makers. It was hot and miserable, but a great work out!

  11. Jenn Paul

    45# snatch. Not heavy but wanted to get my form perfect.
    2 15lb. on sled push, 12lbs DB on man makers. 2 rounds plus 1 man maker.

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