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General Fitness 07.01.15


General Fitness 07.01.15

Prep Work

3 rds 75/55
5 Clean grip DL
5 Power clean
5 Front squats

Establish a 1 RM Hang Power clean in 8 min

Establish a 1 RM Power clean in 8 min

Russian Fran


KB Thrusters 53/35

Pull ups (If you perform normal Fran with unbroken pull ups make these C2B)

10 Min Time cap
Optional Conditioning

Death by Rope climbs

****Your grip will most likely be tired already so going into this make sure that you will be able to perform these safely the entire time.
ACC Work

50 Banded Good mornings
Cool Down


Post results

“To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like.”

~ Mike Gafka

12 Responses

  1. BG

    Happy Hump Day.!!
    Another great WOD.

    Prep Work:
    Since I really can’t go as heavy as I would like. I practiced form and finding out where my explosiveness is going to start.

    1st 8 Minutes
    Worked up to 165.
    Did 2 reps every minute for 8 minutes. I worked on catching the weight under my feet.

    2nd 8 minutes. Pretty much the same as the 1st 8 minutes.

    Used the 35lbs KB
    Hand were tore up from yesterday’s KB mayham.

    35lbs KB

    Last 2 went reverse grip cause hands started to tear and now I have a nice huge blood bleaster.

    Rope Climb ( kind a tried )
    1:00 1 Climb
    2:00 2 Climb
    3:00 1 Climb
    Hand were done plus I didn’t have long socks.
    Can’t say that I didn’t try.

    Good workouts this week!
    Keep bringing those WOD’s
    I’m hearing good feed back .

  2. Russian Princess

    130 for hang power clean
    125 for power clean from ground, tried 130 x3 but no go. It may have been Russian Fran but it still killed me.
    Used 35s regular lipping pull ups 6:41. I beat Berno tho so I’m happy.

  3. Brad L.

    For the OLY: I just did hang power cleans because I was not aware of the time. I did get 185# (PR). I tried for 195# but no luck.
    WOD: I used 35# KB and finished around 9:40.

  4. Jim

    Hang Power Clean got 160#, Power Clean 170#, couldn’t elbows up quick enough at 175#.
    For WOD I used 45# Dumbbells, this was tough for me finished at 13:21 yes I know I went beyond the time cap, but I didn’t want to quit. Legs are beat from all the leg work so far this week.

  5. Hannah

    100 for hang clean, 100 for power clean 🙁 was hoping for more. 26 lb kbs and kipping pull-ups in 10:55. Good wod. Much better than the last two days 🙂

  6. Tiffany Carley

    125 for hang power clean. 130 for power clean. They both felt pretty easy, so I jumped to 145 but that was a no go for me. I have to work on getting under the bar. The weight goes up with ease, so that’s good.
    Time to head back to oly class 🙂
    Russian Fran with 35 lb kbs and kipping pull ups. Had to use a red band for pull ups. Not happy with that, but my hands keep tearing during pull ups, and the band help to relieve the pressure off my hands.
    Finished in 11:14

  7. Will

    Today was not my day that’s for damn sure!

    Hang Power Clean hit 185
    Some reps building up looked better than others. Have to move my elbows under faster!

    Power Clean hit 175, failed on 185 cause I didn’t pull hard enough and made my shoulders hurt but they ok

    Russian Fran:
    I didn’t finish I struck a nerve and just made my left arm go numb for a min!! But it’s good now! Don’t think I’ve been getting enough rest

  8. Vanessa Esquivel

    1 RM Hang Power clean 130 (15# PR)
    1 RM Power clean 115

    Russian Fran
    KB Thrusters 26#
    Pull ups
    6:30 (1:11 PR)

    Broke thrusters into 7s(21), 5s (15), and 5+4(9). Kipping pull ups sets of 5 with one set of 6 and another of 4.

    Optional Conditioning
    Death by Rope climbs – died after 4 total rope climbs

    ACC Work
    50 Banded Good mornings

  9. Marcos


    Establish a 1 RM Hang Power clean in 8 min—felt good hear hit 245 lbs from the high hang and had decent form

    Establish a 1 RM Power clean in 8 min— this part was not so good dropped to 185 and worked on catching good foot position.

    Russian Fran


    KB Thrusters 53

    Did c2b got 6:22
    Thrusters 14/7, 8/7,5/4
    C2b 10/10, 10/5,9

    50 Banded Good mornings

    Didn’t have time for the rope climbs will get them tomorrow.

    Today everything felt heavy… I felt the heat getting to me.. Rest/recover tomorrow and hit it hard on Froday.

    good mid week so far!

  10. Tanya GL


    Establish a 1 RM Hang Power clean in 8 min-145

    Establish a 1 RM Power clean in 8 min-145

    The weight felt heavy today. I’m sure it was because today was day three for me and my body just isn’t used to it. Was hoping for more but I think my old 1 rep clean was 165 so pretty close. All things considered, a good day.


    Russian Fran-7:20


    KB Thrusters 53/35

    Pull ups

    Started with the 35’s and my right shoulder said it wasn’t a good idea so switched to the 26’s.

    Optional Conditioning

    Death by Rope climbs

    1 min-1
    2 min-2
    3 min- switched to pulling myself from the ground. I was starting to get a good burn on my leg. Had long socks, should have also packed pants.

    50 Banded Good mornings

  11. Tiffany

    8 minute hang power clean 155lbs
    8 minute power clean ran out of time just, 135 so no one rep max on this one.
    Russian Fran: used 35lbs dumbbells and regular kipping pull-ups finished in 6:15

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