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General Fitness 07.07.14


General Fitness 07.07.14

Prep work
50′ Duck walk
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

Front Squat 5X5
Same weight for all 5 sets, Warm up quick and move some weight.
Compare to last weeks Back squats
15 Min Cap


LVL one
For time
1k Row
50 Air Squats
40 Situps
30 Push Ups
20 Pull ups
10 Burpees

This workout is similar to our “Intro WOD”.

LVL two
1K Row
50 Wall Balls
40 Toes to bar
30 Ring dips
20 Chest to bar pull ups
10 Burpees

Cool Down
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14 Responses

  1. Jim

    Good Monday workout. For the Front Squats I warmed up with 135# by 5, then did 4 sets of 5 by 155#, and one set of 3 by 155#.
    For the WOD I did Level 2 except I did Push-ups instead of dips. Completed the workout in 24:18. This workout really gassed me.

  2. Eric Dean

    Front Squat 5×5 – 135,145,155,165,155…still have some mobility issues to fix with this lift.
    Level 2 – 21:40…it was slower than i’d like, but after a month away it felt great to just get some work in.

  3. Irina

    Front squats (loving this Monday ritual!) 5×5 135#. Felt heavy but good challenging kind of heavy much easier to keep my form on these.
    Lv 1 with wall balls and box dips 15:43. Hard hard hard work out. I’m gonna blame it on the 4 days off and the heat.

  4. Tiffany

    Front Squats 5×5 @ 135. Felt heavy for the first couple sets. Noticed my left arm tends to be lower than my right so worked on keeping elbows up and core tight.
    Lvl 1 WOD 15:57 good workout. 🙂

  5. Front Squat
    4 sets of 5 reps at 225 pounds
    Last set of 5 reps at 245 pounds

    LVL one
    For time
    1k Row
    50 Air Squats
    40 Situps
    30 Push Ups
    20 Pull ups
    10 Burpees

    Time: 12:06

    I rowed my 1k in 3:29

  6. Mandi

    Front squats 5×5 @125# WOD did level one but did wall balls with a 14# ball instead of air squats and used red band for kipping pull ups. Finished in 14:09

  7. Samm

    Front squats:

    Level 1 wod in 13:31

    Came back later for the competitive rowing, 53:44 overall, kept an average of 2:15 pace. Woof.

    Good day today!

  8. Mary

    Front squat @105

    Finished level 2 workout in 22:06. Used green band for dips, and skinny red band for chest 2 bars….this workout was so tough….especially in the heat!
    Toes to bar took me forever! Need to work on those….

  9. Susana

    Front squats: last time I did them was in march!!! So I did 115 and that felt like 165!!!

    Time for wod: 21:22
    I did 50 wall balls, 40 sit ups, 30 ring dips (15 with green band, then switched to box) 20 toes to bar ( switched to knees to elbow cuz 1 I was dying of heat stroke…2 I had torn hands from last week and it hurt to much) 10 burpees.

  10. Jenn Paul

    Front squat did 55# for all 5×5. Wanted to work on keeping my chest up.
    Did Level 1 but changed the squats to wall balls. 12lb ball. Time 22:07. Used green & skinny red band for pull ups.

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