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General Fitness 07.08.14


General Fitness 07.08.14

Prep Work
3 rds of
3 Clean grip DL
3 Mid thigh clean pulls
3 power clean
3 front squat
3 Cleans

10 Min EMOM
3 Power Cleans
Find a moderate/heavy weight for these during warm up. Reset after each Power clean.

3 Rds For time
60M Sled Push AHAP (as heavy as possible)
50 Double Unders

Cool Down
Post results

19 Responses

  1. Jim

    10 min Power Clean EMOM, did the 1st 5 min with 145#, then the 2nd 5 min with 155#. Marcos talked to around the 7th min about technique, I tried adjusting to what he said – felt like I was doing it but I’m not sure?
    Sled Push / DU’s loaded 225 on the Sled, Marcos said push yourself, I got thru it but took a lot of effort. The 50 DU’s were gassers after the Sled. Did this in 12:05.

  2. Samm

    Did the cleans at 65, still
    Learning technique!!!

    Sled pushes with 140 loaded on, still can’t do DU’s so 150 singles! 11:56

  3. Kristopher Bailey

    Cleans 120# for the whole Emom. Sled 215# thanks to Marcos time was 11:55. My legs are going to hurt in the morning.

  4. Eric Dean

    Cleans started at 135 and worked up to 185 by the halfway point but had to drop back down to finish at 155 when my technique started to get bad.
    Sled rd 1 – 230, rd 2 – 205, rd 3 – 180…after the squats yesterday my legs fatigued pretty fast. dropped weight to keep from resting too much at the turn around.
    Double unders are there just not as consistent as i want. I’ll string 10-12 together and then break. I figure it was just fatigue and lack of practice causing it today.

  5. Susana

    10min EMOM: 3 Power Cleans —-105 pounds, I could have gone up..:(

    Wod: sled pull I added 45’s to each side …. That hurt. Couldn’t do double unders today do I just did 150 singles. Time: 8 min

  6. 10 min EMOM
    Power Cleans x 3 reps at 165 pounds

    270 pounds on the sled all 3 rounds for a time of 14:08

    That was some crazy heavy weight and made it really hard to do double unders

  7. Jenna

    65# on the emom probably could of went up in weight.

    Put 2 45’s on the sled,singles for the jump rope finished at 10:20

  8. Ja

    Did 95lb for the cleans. Avoiding a few moves do to my back. So I stay light and did high hang power cleans instead.
    The sled sucked sucked. Had 45’s and 25’s not sure what the weight is with the sled. Double unders were horrible on the last round. Time 12:02, sure is nice to be back.

  9. Mandi

    Did 85# on EMOM. For the WOD I started with 50# on the sled then Brenden added 90 more pounds “just for fun” and I have no idea what my time was.

  10. Tiffany

    EMOM started at 85lbs for power cleans went up to 95lbs, was going to go up to 105 but my form started going south so stayed at 95lbs.
    Sled pushes @195lbs. Tried to do double unders but the sled push killed me so I did singles. My time was 17:00. Its was sooo hard but I wasn’t about to take any weight off my sled. If I had know I was that close to 200lbs I would’ve added 5 lbs. 😉

  11. Sarah Painter

    Cleans 85# for first 8 rounds 105# for the last two rounds. 110 # added to the sled (probably should have put more, but I was dead). Did singles instead of DU’s. Finished in 9:23.

  12. T

    Oly 10 min EMOM
    Power Cleans- used 115# feel like I could have gone a little heavier. Next time I need to try 120#.
    WOD sled push and double unders – 140# + heavier sled (holy crap that was hard) I don’t know how much that sled weighs, but I had to stop after about 10 leg pumps!!! At a time by the 2nd round. Double unders came in sets 10’s or 25’s if I was really focused and just wanted to finish.
    Final time 10:44. Wheeeew

  13. Alisha S

    It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done cleans or any lifting for that matter. Great day to come work out! Especially before the heat intensified!!

    Oly 10min EMOM
    75# cleans
    Felt like I could’ve gone heavier and I know Judith thought so too but I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after a few rounds so just stuck with it.

    I found out the sled I used (the Again Faster one) weighs 90lbs!!! According to their site. No wonder it was tough!

    Rnd 1
    90# plus sled, 180# total. Attempted DU’s and went about half and half with singles.
    Rnd 2
    115# plus sled, 205# total. Legs were starting to feel it and tried to do DU’s but couldn’t string them together so just finished with 130 singles.
    Rnd 3
    130# plus sled, 220# total. Did singles for 150 to finish.

  14. Whitney

    Power Cleans started at 75#, worked up to 85# by the halfway point. Last two at 90#.

    WOD – 90# plus sled, 180# total. Could have done more weight on the sled, but it was a good way to ease back in.
    Made sure to get to 10 DU withheld a single skip in between then 120 singles. By the 3rd round the DU were very difficult. Time – 10:50

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