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General Fitness 07.08.15


General Fitness 07.08.15

Prep Work3 rds

5 Clean grip DL

5 Mid thigh clean pulls

5 Power clean

5 Thusters


10 Min To establish a heavy Power Clean+Thruster

Time cap 15 min


30 Clean and jerks for time


“Heavy Grace”

30 Clean and jerks for time

Only requirement is that you use 185+/135+

****If you are attempting LVL 2 make sure you following the weight requirements and the time cap.
Skill Work

Max unbroken Double Unders 5 min cap

****Challenge-Being able to do 100 unbroken is a challenge…Who can do it.
Cool Down


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14 Responses

  1. BG

    Pre work always good.
    It gets you set up
    For the action.

    Clean & Thuster Combo….
    Stayed at 135.
    Tried 170 but the pressure of the weight on my wrist did not feel well.

    I cheated and used 145lbs
    Actually felt pretty good.
    The 1st 15 went faster then the 2nd 15 reps.

    OT went for a 1 Mile Run.

    Overall good WOD

  2. Jim

    Haven’t done max Thruster in a long time got 155# and failed at 165#. The 155# is a 20# PR.
    For WOD did Grace with 135# finished at 6:05. After 1st lift something didn’t feel right so I stepped aside for 45 seconds and refocused and started again. My time includes the 45 sec delay.
    For DU’s only got 66 today, shoulders got a lil tired around 40. I think 100 unbroken is attainable if I’m fresh.
    Good programming today!

  3. Russian Princess

    120# for clean+thruster pretty sure that’s what I got in our in-house comp in January so im happy cuz it felt good I just ran out of time cuz I had to refocus my head there for a few min after some failed reps.

    used 95# time was 5:17ish I could have done better my timing of the cleans+jerk was just way off today. But I had a lot of fun having Tashina to wod next to today.

  4. Will

    Was a little cautious going into this cause last week was not so great on my shoulders, cause I’m an idiot!!
    1 rep complex is 165 power clean+thruster
    Shoulders bugged me a little going into the thruster but wasn’t a crippling pain like it has been in the past

    3:45 with 135
    Making it one fluid motion helped a lot, but I wasn’t using my hips most of the time maybe cause I was set on being fast instead of efficient with my movement.

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    A. Heavy Power Clean+Thruster – 105 (10# PR)

    B. Time cap 15 min
    30 Clean and jerks for time
    3:49, PR

  6. Z

    Clean + Thruster
    155 lb

    Working on form and the movement still .. Need improvement

    125 lb

    Should’ve did it with 135 lb next time I will.. I feel sometimes I under estimate my Stregth I need to just go heavy and struggle be last here there to get improvements and more gains I think..

  7. Marcos

    Prep work was on point, only did two because that’s all it took to warm up…

    10 min for heavy complex
    Power clean + thruster 135,185,205,240,260 15#pr

    Grace 4:38 used 185lbs pretty happy with this.

    Double unders were a train wreck, right calf wasn’t feeling good after grace… 16 was the most I got unbroken.. Did mobility and will do some more tomorrow.

  8. Tiffany Carley

    Power Clean + thruster.
    125 went up easy, failed 1st attempt. @ 135 and ran out time to try more.
    Grace at #95 time 5:30
    Worked on jumping higher for double unders. I think i got 4 unbroken.

  9. Tiffany

    Pr clean thruster combo by 5lbs @ 145, attempted heavy grace got through 28 reps in the time cap, very happy with this!

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