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General Fitness 07.10.15


General Fitness 07.10.15

Prep Work

2X50′ of each

high knees

Butt kickers




Run 2 miles for time…

24min cap

Rest 5-10 Min after run

For this run we would like to see everybody at there old 1 mile pace or within :30 Seconds of it For example

5 weeks ago my mile was 7:00, Monday I ran it in 6:48 and 7:05. My Goal would be to finish the whole run in 14-15 min.

Front squat


Get as heavy as you can within 5 sets.
Skill work

10 Sets Of

1Kipping TTB+1 Kipping Pull up

If you do not have the strength for the movements perform the following instead

6X4 Tempo ring row (2231- 2 seconds on the way up, 2 second hold at the top, 3 seconds on the way down and 1 second at the bottom)
Cool Down


Post results

Health is like money, we never have a true intent of its value until we lose it.”
~ Josh Billings

9 Responses

  1. BG

    Oh man…. Glad that’s done.

    I can honestly say that I have never ran 2 miles straight.
    Yep….4 Real.!!

    Total Run Time 18:05 Not very good, but now I have something to work off of.
    Split time was at 8:13 ( 1st mile)

    Front Squats
    185….. Still using the old school front squats position.
    Wrist still not 100 percent.

    10 sets of Kipping Plus T2B….
    Thought that I was doing good untill DIRK showed me up!
    He did 10 unbroken

    Good WOD week! 5am crew is lovin the programming

  2. Dirk b

    Apologize in advance…
    1mile run 7:12 feeling calf…
    Air dyne 200cal to finish 2nd half of that work out 10min

    Built upto 265 front squat.

    Did the 1×1-10 t2bxpullup
    Then surprised myself with 10 unbroken.

    Great Friday morn wod… Keep it up Brenden and Marcos!

  3. Jim

    Did not run, rowed for 16 mins instead, kept an easy pace of 2:15-2:20, 3494m.
    For Front Squat 115, 135, 155, 165, 175.
    Then did T2B 2 sets of 5.

  4. Will

    Running is just not in me I beat my time from Monday by getting 11:38 for the first mile. Didn’t finishe the section be did 3/4 of the second mile

    After I remembered it was 3-3-3-3-3 I stuck with 225 and the last 3 were 235

  5. Tiffany Carley

    I ran 2 miles. I’m not fast at all, but I finished. Took me an embarrassing 26 mins.
    Because I’m so slow i only had time to complete 4 sets of front squats.
    3Reps @ 135, 185, 205, 225

  6. Krystal

    I’m not a runner nor will I ever be, 28:30 for two miles lol but if this was a shopping competition I totally would of been first haha! Amazing work out, still can’t feel my legs, squats 85lb/95lb/100lb Holla! Love the gym and coaches!

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    2 mile run 16:15ish

    105, 115, 135, 140, 155. Only got 2 reps at 155, failed the third.

    10 T2B + pull up, surprised I could actually string a few of those together.

  8. Mark

    Killer workout. PR’d in the 2 mile run for 19:31 which included a PR at the 1 mile mark for 9:30. Coffee with coconut oil must have been kicking in. It felt good for an old guy. Couldn’t have done it without Gina and Brenden cheering me on. My goal was to run just fast enough so Gina couldn’t run backwards next to me. Nailed it.

    Front squats: 95, 105, 115, 125, 135. I know, low weight but I’ve been getting all the way down, elbows up, back straight, etc.

    Got in a few TTB but kipping pull-ups are happening yet. Fished with the 6X4 Tempo ring rows.

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