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General Fitness 07.11.14


General Fitness 07.11.14

“Hardest part is getting started”


Prep Work
400M Jog
2X10 Leg pumps
2X10 Drinking birds

Similar to a regional event in 2012
4 Rds for time
10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
60M Sprint
These reps should be HEAVY.

Optional Conditioning
5 Rds For reps
:20 on :40 Off
Sniper Fire Burpees (Gabe style)

ACC Work
2X:30 Max tire flip for reps
Rest 2 min in between

Cool Down
Post results

11 Responses

  1. Irina

    WOD 4:55 or something like that. Used 45 mostly but second round I switched to 30 cuz I wasn’t feeling the form at all (my first time doing DB snatches) Marcos wouldn’t let me have it easy, made me switch back to 45, but by round 4 I got it down. Next time I will RX it probably. I like those.
    I really cheated on these haha
    Tire flips
    5 each round, solo, one of the small tires. I liked this one. Have a good weekend ya all.

  2. Jim

    Wor time 4:12, did the 1st round with a 55# really struggled with my right shoulder though, 2nd and 3rd round I alternated with 55# for left and 45# for right. When I came in for the 4th round Andrew stole my 55# so I did both arms with 45#.
    Burpee’s: 7,7,8,7,8.
    Partnered up with Andrew on Big Tire Flips, neither one of us was smart enough to count though.

  3. Hannah Ramos

    Fun WOD! 25 lb snatches…should have done 30 lb like Brenden said! You’re always right!! Did 20 sec air dyne instead of sprints since I forgot my shoes 🙂 Finished at 4:54.
    41 Gabe-style burpees 🙂

  4. Will Bradford

    WOD: 4:56 with 65lb dumbbell, YIKES! Didn’t think my left arm could do it but I should’ve grabbed the 70lb. For the sniper burpees did 8,7,6,6,7. I have never sweat this much!

  5. Whitney

    WOD in 3:37 with the 30# DB snatch, the run felt good (the 45# DB was just a bit too much, next time though)

    Burpees – 43 (no repped myself on a few if I didn’t make it up high enough)

    Tire flips – 6, then 8

  6. Tiffany

    WOD- used 45lb db for snatches. used 60m run to some what recover. felt really comfortable with 45lb might have to go up next time. I really like db snatches. Time was 6:00 which surprised me. I thought for sure it would take me 10 mins.
    31 burpees
    9 tire flips I think.
    I really liked today’s wod made me work really hard. 🙂

  7. Susana

    Used 45 pounds for snatches. Took me 6:06 to finish.

    The sniper burpees:

    Didn’t do tire flips cuz we had to leave

  8. T

    WOD time 4:11 used 45# DB

    Sniper burpees
    11,12,10,11,10 total of 54 that made me really sweat.

    Tire flips 6 first round and 7 the second round for 13 total.

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