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General Fitness 07.13.15


General Fitness 07.13.15

****This week we will be testing some of our benchmarks established 6 weeks ago, have some fun and remember safety first.
Prep Work

Same as Comp


Back squat

24Min Time cap









Make sure you get warmed up for the sets the first 3 sets should feel light but make sure you are ready to go heavy when it calls for it.

1 Mile run

For Time

****We have been running after squatting for the entire cycle make sure you make note of that in the back of your mind. You have been prepped for this.


Tomorrow will be challenging
Cool Down


Post results

31 Responses

  1. BG

    Monday Funday……

    Squat with My BFF….. I’ll let you guess who I’m talking about.

    1×277…… NEW PR
    Felt like 377….!
    1 Mile Run 8:20…. Need to work on my running. Or have some one run for me 🙂
    OT: Plank Hold and 400 M Run

    Dirk and Peterson Killed It.!
    Made Clint and I look like little girls

    Good work 5am Crew!!

  2. Rachel Kruger

    PR’ed my Back Squat, 195. Unfortunately I came into it determined to hit 200 lbs, so I wasn’t too happy with myself. But a PR is still progress.
    9:28 on my mile…better than my last.

    Shout out to Peterson, killed it today!

  3. Karly Sattler

    6 weeks ago I had a back squat at 150 and a mile at 10:15. Today I got 177 and 9:19 so I’m very happy! Also, Tiff KILLED it today!

  4. Hannah

    Disappointed with back squat…didn’t even hit my old one rep! Stopped at 152 lbs 🙁 PR for the run though at 7:37…yay!

  5. Tiffany Carley

    Well I made my goal of hitting a 300lb back squat! 15lb pr
    Tried 305 but failed that one. So I’ll stick with 300.
    1 mile run 11:12. Previous mile was 12:01.
    All the hard work has paid off!! Thanks coach

  6. T$

    Back squats 5@145, 5@160, 2@ 180, 1@190, 1@200, 1@210, 1@225, 1@235, 1@240 BAM!! PR. I had to work for it. Mile 8:24 not so fast and needs work. My previous mile was 9 something so that’s improvement and I’ll be happy with it for now.

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Back squat PR 190#
    Mile PR 6:57

    Thanks for the help with my weight B and thank you to all of my noon peeps who encouraged me on that! I had to work for it and I’m happy with my performance. I coming for that 200# back squat!

  8. Toy

    First time At 15:30 today, couldn’t make it to 0500.
    Have to say that not too many people so I can’t slack off:)..:) running is not my thing but I ran it with ummmm not very fast. Very happy with my 220# BAck Squat. Thanks to coach B& M . Thank you for believing in me:). I feel stronger.

  9. Z

    Back squat
    2nd time sense the 1st time I hit a max
    Fail over 295lb
    Going to just keep trying harder and to improve so I can get it …

    1mile run
    I did beat my time I was happy there.. I’m not a running kind of person but at the same time when its in the wod I just do it..
    Today I did a 7:56 when last time I did a 8:55 so happy there .. Going to just keep working on getting faster hopefully 7 min under next time…

  10. Antonio

    5 @ 60% 180
    5 @ 79% 210
    1 @ 80% 240
    1 @ 85% 255
    1 @ 90% 270
    1 @ 95% 285
    1 @ 101% 305 :S this was my PR it got ugly though it wasn’t easy

    I was unable to run the mile due to back problems I just ran 800 in 3:10min

    Not bad at all. I just need to get used to the 305

  11. Marcos

    Back squat hit 365 no pr:(
    Mile 6:17.. Previous time was 6:59 so happy about this.. Awesome watching everyone hit PR today!!

  12. Krystal Valdez

    Didn’t think I still had it but came back after 6 months off with a back squat of #130
    Failed twice at #140..

    PS I hate running. Like. With a passion!

    Thanks Coach Ramos for pushing me to keep running

  13. eterna

    Backsquat PR @ 185. On the low end but I am pretty excited about this because I struggled so hard to get passed 175 for YEARS! Who knew the trick was to have a baby. :oP Did my run in 11:00 mins. YAY! ONE STEP CLOSER!

  14. Will

    a little late with this i know….my bad!!!

    65% 225
    70% 245
    80% 280
    85% 300
    90% 315
    95% 335
    100% 350
    101% 370
    and then…

    55lb pr felt great. failed at 420 just don’t think i had anything left in the tank.

    i only did half the mile cause i felt a pop in the middle of my calf but think it was just cramping up real bad. sad day!!!

  15. Chad P.

    Just got on here and saw all the love from my 5amers! Thanks guys 🙂
    Back Squat: 415LBS – 60lb PR on my back squat from Week 1. (30lb PR lifetime)
    Mile: 8:20 – 46 second improvement from week 1. (not a lifetime PR)

    Great programming Brenden. I sort of despised you a few times throughout these cycles, but kept busting my butt – now lets just hope my BF % reflects similar results 🙂

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