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General Fitness 07.14.14


General Fitness 07.14.14

400M Run50′ inch worm push up

2X Row practice starts (3/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1,1+100M)

Take the practice rows as a chance to really get that c2 moving. After your start pulls should should settle into your pace for the 10 min but only go to 100M. rest then restart Remember the start pulls will only involve the drive out with the legs and arms, No lean back until you are into your distance pace.


2K Row for time

Trust your training and row hard

MAX pull ups 3 Attempts

****If you are part of the Nutrition and Performance Challenge make sure you test using the same standards/equipment you did before. If not part of the Challenge but have been following the cycle closely for the last 6 weeks work on the version of pull up that suits you best

For example- We want to make sure that we have the appropriate ROM (Range of motion) and strength do perform pull ups safely.

If we were working with a brand new client a progression starting from ground level and building up over a period of time would look something like this.

1. Ring rows

2. Supinated grip ring rows

3. Elevated feet ring rows

4. Jumping pull ups W/O Negative

5. Banded Assisted pull up (Strict first/kipping later)

6. Strict Pull up

7. Kipping pull up.

****We can talk all day about what would be a even more fine tuned outline specific to the athlete but this should give you and idea about the order of progression that we would like you to follow.

2 Sets Max wall ball shots 20/14

rest 2 min in between sets
Cool Down


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18 Responses

  1. BG

    Wasn’t feeling that great this am. Monday was a long day.
    2K Row….8:00.1….. That’s a new PR.!!

    Pull Ups 35 Reps

    Wall Balls…. Was beat after the row and pull ups.
    Did only 14, then stopped.

    I was cramping up when I hit 29,30 pull ups. And when I was about 9 WB I felt it again.

    Good work 5am.!

  2. T$

    2k row- 8:43
    Max pull-ups used small red band strict pull-ups I can do kip but trying to improve strength and want to know where I am at. 3,3,3 dang 3’s.
    Max wall balls- 36 second attempt was 26 hit a wall about 22 and my legs were giving out and cramping.

  3. Chad P.

    2k row: 7:09 – 30sec PR from week 1
    Pull ups: 24 – 4 rep PR from Week 1
    Had to leave early for business. Will get my wall balls in sometime soon.

  4. Brad L.

    2k Row – 7:46 New PR.
    Pullups – I just did them until I couldn’t do anymore. I lost count but was between 10 and 15 per set. Did banded strict pullups.
    WB – 20#. My shoulder was not in the mood for these. 26 on the first round; 11 or 12 on the second.

  5. Will

    I didn’t got to a dark enough place!!
    2k row 8:06….tied my PR so can’t complain to much

    Beat my pull ups got 7 unbroken

  6. Jim

    Came in and worked out with the 4:30 class, thanks for having me.
    2000m row 7:36, new PR for me. Really had a hard time breathing the last 750m.
    Max Pull-ups 15 and 12, these were more or less strict with a lil leg kick.
    Wall Balls 20 and 15. Really didn’t push to hard was taking it easy on my knee.
    Good work today!

  7. Tory

    7:25 on the 2k row PR by 2 seconds
    25 pull ups 2 more than when last tested.

    First set of wall balls was 31
    Second set was 16

    I was a little disappointed on the row thought I could have done better.

  8. Zack

    Killer 2k row
    Feel like I’m on the path to be a pro lol not really but I beat my last row it was 8:07, this time I did it 7:47 with Gina’s help right there pushing me…

    Max pull-ups 3 attempts
    10 10 16
    Not doing the challenge so just tried to do as many unbroken tell I could do no more .. Feel my body getting stronger everyday.. arms were toast after row though..

    Wall balls 2 attempts
    Glad I made it to here after all the previous work.. Going to work on my conditioning stamina strength more and more …

  9. Marcos

    2k row 7:23.. Previous best was 7:32. Things got a little crazy at 1000 m.. Wasn’t sure how I was going to finish.. Had jim, Tory and Apollo pushing me…

    Pull up did c2b got 33… Happy with that score especially after the row… Biceps were feeling it.. And for some reason after I do pull ups my triceps get right.

    Wall balls 30 and 20..

  10. Vanessa Esquivel

    2K row PR – 8:25

    My arms cramped after the row so I’ll be making up my pull ups on Thursday.

    18 and 9 for wall balls. Rough day!

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