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General Fitness 07.15.14


General Fitness 07.15.14

Prep work
3min squat test
3X5 lateral lunges

3 Rds
3 min max calorie air dyne
Rest as needed
3 min max calorie row
Rest as needed

ACC work
3X5 single leg DB KB RDL
Same weight as last week

Cool down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. Trish

    Good workout! I’m exausted! 🙂
    WOD-3min Max Calories-
    Round 1-
    Row-38 Airdyne-32
    Round 2-
    Row-35 Airdyne–26
    Round 3-
    Row-39 Airdyne -27
    Good job 5am!

  2. T$

    Airdyne- rower
    My stomach was a little upset this morning. I was worried I was going to hurl so I tried to push myself with out throwing up on Clint riding next to me. I think he appreciated it. My legs felt like jello after each airdyne and my hamstrings and shoulders are tight after each row session.

    RDL’s with 35 KB love these.
    I enjoyed doing something other than running considering I have been getting shin splints so it was good conditioning without stress to my shins. 🙂

  3. Eric Dean

    Good stuff today. Used my training mask set at 6000 ft to step it up a bit. Killed the first rd on the airdyne but suffered the rest of the way because of it.
    76, 64, 60, 58, 57, 57
    Be back at lunch for the rdl’s and some mobility

  4. Jim

    I came in and crashed the Noon class today, thanks guys. Air Dyne 63, 56, 47. Row 52, 49, 48. Rodney kept us on a 2 minute rest interval. Good work today!

  5. Irina

    First time ever working out in such high temps
    Proud that I pushed on that last row. I felt like I was gonna pass out and throw up all in one.
    I died a little.
    35s on the RDLs.

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