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General Fitness 07.15.15


General Fitness 07.15.15

Prep Work3 rds

5 power cleans

5 Front squats

5 Push jerks



Take 15 min to build up to a heavy Clean and push jerk


18 min EMOM

1st min 10 Push ups or 10 box Dips or 10 ring dips

2nd min 10 Toes to bar

3rd min 15 American swings 62/44


20 min AMRAP

2 muscle ups


8 American swings 70/53
Cool Down


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12 Responses

  1. BG

    Today was the best I’ve felt all week.

    Pre work was good. Used 95lbs on the last round to see if my wrist was going to hold up. ( it did not )

    15:00 C&J….. Worked up to 155….did 2 sets at a time. Did not front squat.

    WOD- Warmed up to level 2 but the pressure of the HSPU on the wrist wasn’taking it happen.

    Level 1
    62lbs KB……half way through I broke them up into 2 sets.
    T2B…….Did every round unbroken ( didn’t come off the bar)
    Ring Dips…..Did every round unbroken.

    Overall good day.

  2. Jim

    Clean and Jerk worked up to 160#, failed at 165#. Did these with a full front squat each rep.
    For WOD did LVL 1, used a 53#KB glad not sure hands would have held out with the 62#.
    Good workout today!

  3. Krystal Valdez

    Great work out today, my hands are pretty much peeling from all the bar and kettle bell workouts we’ve been doing! But pretty excited I’ve been feeling great lately and my clothes and appetite have changed in the past month. Thank You Coach Ramos for all the help you do and for turning my “cant’s” to “I might be able too” lol

    90 lb on power clean
    Failed at 95lb

    Yellow Kettlebell for American Swings

    and Knee Raises

    Great Job today 5am!

    Happy Wednesday Everybody!


  4. Hannah

    100 lbs for squat clean and jerk. Can’t seem to get past that number!! Did the wod with *real* push-ups, which was a first, t2b, and 44 lb American swings, also a first. Feeling stronger!

  5. Dave

    Feels good to be woddin again. Did 2 sets of 50 cal air dyne in place of clean push jerk and mobility.
    Lvl 2 w 44lb kb got 9 rounds in the 20 mins

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    A. Clean and push jerk – 110# and felt great, failed 115# twice,

    B. LVL 1
    18 min EMOM
    1st min 5-7 box Dips w/ small orange band, that was hard!
    2nd min 10 Toes to bar
    3rd min 15 American swings 44#. Only did 10 in round 4 and 5.

    Part B was way tougher than I expected it to be. Good WOD!

  7. Tiffany Carley

    Clean and push jerk- made 135# failed @ #140, but I didn’t try very hard my body was tired.
    18 min EMOM
    Able to do 3-5 push ups on my toes, before dropping to knees.
    Knee raises without touching the ground
    American swings with #35. Trying to adjust my form and use my hips instead of my back. 🙂
    Glad tomorrow is a rest day!

  8. Kristopher

    Clean and push jerk max out at 145#. WOD strict push ups, I did half toes to bar half knees to chest, used a 53# KB for American swings. Each round averaged :40 seconds.

  9. Russian Princess

    130# for C&J that jerk was more of a push press.
    WOD 44kb, rings dips first two rounds then push ups, t2b( I need to learn to string these together).
    Harder than I expected. My hands are raw.

  10. Sarah H

    Five lbs. PR on an overhead- push jerk 110lbs! It’s been awhile over head. WOD WAS HARD- hands hurt- knee push ups, toes to bar not happening- did modified on floor- and American swings solid with yellow KB!

  11. Marcos

    Clean and push jerk worked up to 285lbs no misses… 135,155,185,205,225,245,265,285

    Did level 2.. Was thinking I could get close to twenty but the wheels fell off really quick… Ended up with 17 rounds… Everything was unbroken but was resting more then needed.

    Did my regular mobility flows… Wrist has been feeling a lot better

    Awesome mid week everyone!!

  12. Zack

    Clean + Push jerk
    95 lbs to feel myself
    115 lbs
    135 lbs

    Working on movement still , going to get better at it.. Felt good today , Coach Marcos had to address me a few times on the movement but I will get them …

    18 min of killer ness
    62lb kettle bell American swings
    Ring dips
    Did some push-ups a round,
    And knees to chest 2 rounds

    Towards middle felt the workout and the end pushed it .. Today was my kind of day liked the workout

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