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General Fitness 07.16.14


General Fitness 07.16.14

Prep Work
3 rds
5 Clean DL’s
5 Mid thigh clean pulls
5 Power clean+Front squat

10 Min EMOM
2 Power clean+1 Front squat+1 Jerk
Start light and let your form dictate how heavy you go.

3 Rds for QUALITY
5 Turkish Getups
10 Strict pull ups
10L/10R Croc Rows-1knee and hand on a bench

ACC Work
3X:30 Arm Bar
Cool Down

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8 Responses

  1. Jim

    Really liked the strength portion today. Did 3 rounds @115#, 3 rounds @ 135#, and 4 rounds @ 145#.
    For the WOD I used 25# for the TGU’s and 53# for the Croc Rows. My form on TGU’s is horrible, Marcos tried helping me with them, I’m not sure if I was doing them right or not at the final round? Thanks for helping me Marcos

  2. Irina

    Enjoyed the oly portion.
    Got up to 105# for the last 4 sets. Form on cleans is better, still need to punch out faster on the jerk.
    Pink KBs for the TGU. Getting my form down I think.
    Orange band for the pull ups.
    27s for the rows.

  3. Tiffany Carley

    EMOM-Worked really hard on keeping bar close. I feel like things are starting to click. I really want to start getting heavier on them. Its all in my head,I have to stop being a chicken and put some weight on the bar. Got up to 105# today. Need to work on the split jerk. Its was a little rocky.
    TGU-35# for first rd and dropped to #26 for the 2nd and 3rd
    Pull ups- Green band and then switch to Black band.
    Rows- 45# db
    My arms where so tired after today. Loved every min of it. 🙂

  4. Nic

    10 min. emom @145# should have gone a little heavier.
    tgu @53# 4?# & 35#
    Unbanded pull ups. Struggle getting chin over bar.
    row @65# . Got heavy at 6-7 reps.
    3x:30 arm bar @35#

  5. Sarah Painter

    EMOM- 105# last 4 rounds. Pink KB for TGUs. Black band for pull ups. Blue KB for rows. Pink KB for the accessory work. Really enjoyed today’s workout!

  6. Whitney

    EMOM – worked up to 85# for 6 rnds. Need to work on split jerk, some lifting shoes might help.

    WOD – TGUs tried the Blue KB for 3 sets in the first round then switched to the pink KB.
    The thin blue band for pull ups for the 1st round. Had to do 5 with the thin blue band, then 5 with the thick red band. No repped myself a few times. Really working toward an assisted strict pull up.
    45# DB for rows.

    Pink KB for accessory work.

  7. Kristopher Bailey

    EMON 125# WOD no weight for TGU I worked on form. The rest of the WOD I used green kb and for accessory I used blue kb.

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