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General Fitness 07.21.14


General Fitness 07.21.14

Prep Work
400M Jog
3X5 Lateral Lunges
3X10 Walking high kicks

5X:30 Weighted plank hold
Partner will load up weight on top of your mid-back, body position is very important. Guys 45 Ladies 25
rest at least 1 min in between sets

“To set up properly, you want to place your hands or elbows directly under your shoulders, and then rotate your shoulders back and down as if you were trying to stuff them in your back pocket. You want to keep your head neutral and in alignment, never hanging/hinging on the cervical spine. Next, you want to place your heels together, raise your knees off of the ground ensuring your entire body is flat and long, and squeeze so tight that you are shaking, not quite seizing, but close.”
To read the full article – click here

Mtn Climbers
Jumping lunges (20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2)

****If you feel pretty good with all of these movements, you should try and redline this workout.

ACC Work
3X30 Hollow Rock

Cool Down
Post Results

11 Responses

  1. Eric Dean

    Good way to start the week. Plank holds with 45lbs were challenging by the 5th round. Finished the WOD in 9:29. Hollow rocks were a little tougher after all that. Overall core strength has gotten better so longer holds are the next step.

  2. Jim

    I came in for 4:30 class and worked out with Jeremy and Lindsey. Plank holds did 4 rounds with 35# and 1 round with 45#.
    WOD completed this in 11:48, pretty sure it was one of the slowest of the day. I HATE BURPEE’S!

  3. Andrea

    Did the plank holds with a 25 dumb bell- started failing in the last 5 Seconds of the last two sets.

    Wod: 14:
    Sucked balls

  4. Mary

    Did 5 rounds of planks with 25lbs…
    Finished WOD in 10:15. My lungs were on fire…..I still have a “wheezy” cough.

  5. Ana

    First 3 planks with 10 lbs, last two with 20lbs, next time I’ll do all five w/20 or 25 lbs, wod- 11:10, sure felt longer!

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