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General Fitness 07.22.14


General Fitness 07.22.14

Prep Work
3 Rds
5 Clean grip deadlifts
5 Below the knee clean pulls
5 Hang Power Clean and jerk

1 Hang Clean+Push Jerk+Split jerk
20 Min to work up to a max on this complex

You decide on which position you are strongest-High hang, Mid thigh, Above the knee, Below The knee.

12 Min AMRAP
400M Run
20 Russian Swings 53/35-Move quick

ACC Work
Strict pull ups with a 2 second decent

Cool Down
Post results

11 Responses

  1. Jim

    Worked up to 135# on the Clean / Jerks, started at 95, 115,125, & 135. Left wrist and right knee were pretty sore today so I really didn’t push myself too hard.
    For the WOD I did 4 complete rounds and 1 400m run came in at 12:31.
    Did acc work as well. Good workout today!

  2. T$

    Went slow and light focusing on my technique today. Started with 55# and worked upto 95# on oly part. Decided I like the mid hang start position.
    WOD – 4+100 m. The 4th run was the hardest and hard to breathe.
    Acc work- red skinny band. I am right between the band and no band with strict pull ups. Maybe I just need to do more don’t know how to push to the next level. If I weighed less I know it would be easier but just very frustrating.

    I did an extra set of 3 rounds of 10 pistols 10 squat jumps and 10 plié squats w/ KB for some booty work.

  3. janel

    Worked up to 85# really trying to work on my split jerk. Did 2.5 rounds. Also did acc work with purple band. Felt good to be on the bar again

  4. 205 pounds on the complex. Failed 225 overhead. The clean felt good but I’m to slow dropping under the bar on my jerk.

    On the WOD I got 4 full rounds plus the run and 15 swings.

    I also got to be in the background of the Brenden 300 pound jerk video #blessed 🙂

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