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General Fitness 07.25.14


General Fitness 07.25.14

Prep Work
50′ Inchworm pushup
2X10 Partner assisted power swings
2X30 Side Plank
2X10 Jump stars

For time
500M Row
20 Burpees
20 American Swings 53/35
20 Burpees
800M Run
Try and find a challenging pace for the entire workout. Even the 5AM will push the pace on this one.

ACC Work
5X3 Strict chin ups

5X2 Muscle up or muscle up transition

Cool Down
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9 Responses

  1. Renate Thompson

    13:23 total time. Did ‘pregnant burpees’: wall facing squat then push up against the wall. Those go a lot faster. Used #26 kb. Run was REEEEAALLY slow, but I made it. Felt pretty good today.

  2. Springer

    Haven’t been in for a few weeks, row was ~1m 50s, burpies suck, swings were cake, burpies suck, started the run at 14m. Took it easy on the run, was smoked, finished 23m 40s.

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