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General Fitness 07.27.15


General Fitness 07.27.15

Prep Work2X30 Table top stretch

2X30 Elevated hamstring stretch-(Kick your foot up on top of a box with a straight knee and pull your chest down towards your knee)

2X30 Couch stretch


Tempo Back squat

5X5 @ 50-60% 1 RM

****We are looking for the bottom position to be just below parallel, not resting on your calves.

4 rds for time

10 Alternating jumping lunges

10 Push ups

200m Run

rest 30 Seconds

-2X :30 Chin over bar hold-Supinated grip

–2X :30 Arch hold-To start, lie facedown on your belly with your arms outstretched overhead and your legs straight and together. As you can imagine, the goal here is to completely arch your entire body as much as possible, so lift both your upper and lower body as high as you can towards the ceiling. Focus on engaging your glutes and mid-back so you are not exclusively arching from your lower back.

-2X :30 Chin over bar hold-Pronated grip

-2X :30 Hollow hold
Cool Down


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