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General Fitness 07.28.14


General Fitness 07.28.14

Prep Work
500M Row
2X10 Push press 75/55
2X10 Power clean 75/55

5X Attempts max L-Hang (A Cap of :30)

30 Clean and jerks for time. 135/95

For this any style of clean and jerk is acceptable.

ACC Work
1X50′ Butt scoots
Cool Down
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  1. Jim

    L-hangs, best I could do was 14 secs with knees pulled up.
    Grace – 135# 5:53. Was shooting to do 10 every 90 seconds, met that goal for the 1st 10, then it went downhill from there.

  2. Will Bradford

    Grace 3:51 at 95lbs. Felt really good on my shoulder. Went 10 unbroken then 7 and smaller sets after that. Think I found a nice balance for where my hands should be for cleans so it feels good. I rested a little to long but it felt good L sits only managed 10 sec hold

  3. Vanessa Esquivel

    Grace in 6:56 using 65# and did mostly split jerks. I really tried to focus on form for this WOD. Also, I have to say that I love my wrist wraps, they’ve made a huge difference! Fun WOD 🙂

  4. sandra

    Competitive m
    3×10 at 135lb squats
    25z. 45lb bar straight leg hams
    50ft oh walking lunge 65lbs
    50ft hand stand walk

    2rds 1000met row 50 cal airdine
    Stretched with my kids when I finished

  5. Susana

    Strength: L-hang
    1. Legs straight out—15sec
    2. Legs bent—30sec
    3. 1 leg straight, 1 bent–20sec
    4. Same as round 3
    5. Same as round 3

    Wod: “Grace” RX’d at 95pounds—6:59

    Did butt scoots…. Felt better than before

    Did 5 rounds of weighted plank hold, 30sec

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