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General Fitness 07.29.14


General Fitness 07.29.14

Prep Work
50′ Duck walk
2X30 Banded OVHD lat stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

5X10 Perfect pushups


5X10 Strict Ring dips
(if you have your pushups down pretty well and you would like to use a band for the ring dips that is perfect!)

For time
200M Run
10 Pull ups
200M run
20 Pull ups
200M Run
30 Pull ups
rest as needed then

10 Burpees
10 Wall Ball shots

Cool Down
Post results

11 Responses

  1. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength LVL 1, 5 x 10 perfect push-ups. Finished today’s WOD in 13-14 minutes. I used the orange band for kipping pull ups on the first set and a few in the second set. I definitely struggled with the pull ups and without the band I’m sure I had some “no reps” in there 🙂 For optional AMRAP I completed 2 rounds + 5 burpees.

  2. Sarah Painter

    5 sets of 10 perfect push-ups from my knees. Did WOD with green band. Only got to 20/30 on last round because my hands tore in 3 places. So I didn’t give myself a time. For optional I got to 1 wall ball on the 2nd round. It was hard, hot and miserable but I liked it 🙂

  3. Tiffany

    5×10 perfect pushups
    Able to do 3-4 reps on my toes and the rest from my knees.
    WOD- 13:32 used blue band for pull ups. Was able to string sets of 5 together at the beginning of every set then it was sets of 2 and 1. Really happy with my pull ups today. I felt like I went backwards with my progress on pull ups. My running wasnt great, but I kept moving, fighting my way through Gina’s dust. 😉
    Made it through 2 RDS of the burpee, wall ball amrap.
    1000m row- 5:23
    3 min squat test and some ankle mobility. Trying to loosen up my right ankle it isn’t so sore.

  4. Nic

    5 min. Airdyne.
    wod rd 1 200m. run & 20 walking lunges 2:11
    rd2 400m run & 20 weighted lunges 53#kb 4:12
    Rd3 200m run & 10 1 armed burpees 2:13
    Acc. 3 min. amrap weighted thrusters with 35# kb (29)

  5. Jenna

    5×10 pushups did about 1/2 from my feet
    Wod 12:30 managed to do 45 of the 60 pull ups with no band had to go to green band to finish as my hands were toast.
    Finished 2 rounds with the 14 lb ball and burpees.

  6. Susana

    Used red band to do dips! Only did 5 reps x3.

    RX’d the WOD: 11:04 min

    3min amrap: used 16 pound wall ball. Did 2 rounds +3 reps.

    Also did side planks.5x30sec each side.

  7. MaryO

    5×5 perfect push-ups (couldn’t do 10 with good form)
    Finished WOD in 11:34 but was only able to do 21 pull-ups my last round because both of my hands were torn to pieces.
    2 rounds + 10 burpees for the 3 min AMRAP w/ 14lb ball

  8. HeatherD

    PUs were tough so I did most with my knees down to stop my arms from flaring out.
    First WOD I did 9:08
    Second WOD I did 1 round + 13 reps.
    Thanks and goodnight!

  9. Jenn Paul

    Needing work on my perfect push ups!
    WOD in 9:49 used medium green band plus thin red band. Could have probably used just the green band and it would have been a little more challenging.
    Acc. Work: 1 Round + 14 reps.

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