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General Fitness 07.29.15


General Fitness 07.29.15

Prep Work3 rds

10 Banded pull aparts (Make sure throughout the range of motion you are working on externally rotating the shoulder)

10 banded pass throughs

10 Banded OHS

6 sets

2 Snatch grip DL+1 Power Snatch+ 1 Power snatch ( Hold onto the bar for the DL and the first power snatch, you can drop after the 1st power snatch and reset)

Build up in weight

For time

800M Run

20 C2B pull ups

5 CJ 185/135

400M Run

10 C2b Pull ups

3 CJ 205/145

200M Run

5 C2b Pull ups

1 CJ 225/155

    For this workout each set on the CJ should get heavier even if you have to modify the weight from the original numbers


1 Min Max double unders

Rest 1 Min

1 Min Max double unders
Cool Down


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