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General Fitness 07.30.14


General Fitness 07.30.14

**Reminder* We have girls night this Thursday.

Prep Work
2X:30 Table top stretch
2X:30 Couch stretch
2X:30 Soleus stretch
5 Sets of
:20 on/:40 off
Beat squats

Rest 2 Min
Then complete the following
5X 60M Farmers Carry AHAP
Rest 1 Min
Rest :45
rest :30
rest :15
1X60 M
Try and move as quickly as you can throughout the carries.

Cool Down
Post results

6 Responses

  1. Irina

    Beat squats with 55#
    Farmers carry with 35s
    I was done in 20:22 with the whole WOD
    Also 4×3 strict pull ups
    And 2x30sec hollow rocks

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    Beat squats 18, 18, 19, 17, 17 using the 35# bar. For the farmers carry I started with 45# DBs for 2 and that was very heavy, switched to 30# DBs for 1, and finally finished with 35# KBs. I took a lot of small breaks. Time was 26-27 min.

  3. Jim

    Beat Squats: started with 115#, did 8 reps, dropped to 95# and did 9 reps for each round after.
    Farmer carries used 44#, finished at 17:55, probably should have used the 53’s. Also rowed 600 m.

  4. Sarah Painter

    Beat squats were brutal. 65# with most at 14, least at 9. WOD was done with 35#
    KB. My arms felt like they were going to fall off. I forgot to run in and check the time once I was done.
    Probably mid 20 min. Good workout !

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