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General Fitness 08.04.14


General Fitness 08.04.14

I would like to congratulate everyone that competed this weekend. A lot of podium finishes. Gina and Tina both finished on the podium and all the guys placed at the olympic lifting competition in Tri Cites. Proud of everyone and keep up the hard work. Check out the video Marisol From CrossFit Lower Valley made.(click here)

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm -NO PUSH UP
2X10 Ring rows
2X10 Jump stars

5X8 Perfect push ups
If you cannot perform 8 reps from your toes, perform as many as you can then to a more manageable scale.

5X3 Tempo push ups (33X1)

20 Min AMRAP
500M Row
10 Toes to bar
30 wall balls

Cool Down
Post results

11 Responses

  1. Eric Dean

    Finished 4 full rounds…
    rowed 1:43, 1:46, 1:47, 1:50
    T2B-all 4 sets unbroken and quick (all the extra work these past couple of weeks is paying off)
    20# Wall Balls rd1-unbroken, rd2-15×2, rd3&4-10,10,5,5

    Great way to start a Monday!

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    Did LVL 2 5×3 tempo push-ups. Today kicked my butt. I made it through three full rounds and to 150 M on the rower on the fourth round. Used the 14# wall ball and modified T2B to knee raises.

  3. Jim

    Did Level 1 for the Push-ups did 5 sets of 8.
    For the WOD finished 3 complete rounds at 19:45, too tired to get up on the rower. Good Monday workout!

  4. Will Bradford

    Did 3 rounds plus 86m on rower. Push ups and wall balls worked my shoulders really good and they don’t hurt which is a huge plus in my eyes it was just really really hot in the box tonight yikes!!

  5. Teressa

    Made it through 3 full rounds plus 500M row and 10 T2B
    used a 12# ball for wall balls

    Could definitely tell I haven’t worked out in 2 mos after the sets of pushups during the warm-up!

  6. Samm

    Level 1 push ups, dropped down to 5 sets of 5- major
    Weakness, yikes.

    3 rounds plus 20 wall balls for the the WOD. 14# ball, knees to elbows.

  7. HeatherD

    The first set of push-ups went well after that I had to scale a lot of then the keep my elbows in.
    I made it through 3 rounds plus 66 meters with 14 lb ball.

  8. Level 2 tempo push ups were pretty easy.

    Finished 3 full rounds plus the row and 8 T2B. Used 20 pound medicine ball

    Conditioning is a little off after not being in often enough recently

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