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General Fitness 08.05.14


General Fitness 08.05.14

Prep Work
3 Rds
5 Clean RDL’s
5 Mid thigh clean pull
5 Hang cleans

Build up to a 3 rep Hang clean (Unbroken)
15 Min
The weight is not the most important factor. Take advantage on technique time.

Clean 225/155
60M Sprint
15 Min Time cap
Weight should be heavy-but form is everything

Cool Down
Post results


8 Responses

  1. Jim

    Worked up to 140# on Hanging Cleans, did those as Power Cleans left knee and Ankle were bugging me didn’t really want to squat too much.
    For the WOD I thought the #’s had to be a typo when I 1st read them, turns out it wasn’t I thought to myself who is the crazy nut who came up with this? I only did 155# with Power Cleans, got to the round of 8 with 1 60m run left. I think it would have taken me 30+ minutes to finish this WOD.

  2. I PR’d with 225 lbs for the Hang clean Complex

    I used 185 lbs for the WOD and completed rounds of 10,9,8 and 1 clean on round of 7. The weight was a great challenge. I want to do this one for time down the road

  3. Tiffany

    Hang Clean- 115lbs
    Used 90 lbs for WOD made it through 10,9,8 and 2 cleans on the 7th. The running took forever. Tried to keep the same pace and not burn out on the run, but I know I slowed down.
    Tabata planks today after mobility.

  4. Mary

    3 rep’d up to 105 lbs. I was tired from the warm up?!
    Did WOD with 95lbs…got through 6 cleans and made it 30 meters of first sprint before time ran out. I was overheated and tired! The running sucked!

  5. Sarah Painter

    95# hang cleans for the 3 reps, working on form as I haven’t done hang cleans yet with the grip. For the WOD I did 75# and made it to the 7s and did the power cleans and 5 sprints. Today was hard, but a great work out.

  6. T$

    Oly- worked up to 115 really focused on my technique.
    WOD – used 85#. Did full cleans for the 10,9 switched to power after that per coach. Finished 6 cleans + 1- 60 meter run. My goal was to try and finish round 6. Came up short but felt good about my effort. I was pushing myself on the last 3 runs. Thanks Coach Brenden for telling me to pick up the pace. It really helped.

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Worked up to 85# on 3 rep hang clean, got 2 reps in at 90# and failed on the 3rd. For today’s WOD I used 65# and got through the 7’s + 6 cleans and 4 sprints.

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