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General Fitness 08.11.14


General Fitness 08.11.14

Prep Work
50′ Inchworm pushup
3X10 (5L+5R) Lateral lunges
3X15 Close grip bar hang

5X :30 Weighted plank holds
Guys 25-55
Ladies 15-35

4 Min
1st Min-  MAX DB FS
2nd  Min- MAX DB Push press
3rd min- MAX DB Thruster
4th Min- MAX DB Clean and jerk
Rest 2 min
Choose whatever size Dumbbells/KB’s you would like to use

Cool Down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. Jim

    Good work this morning. For the planks I did 2 rounds with 35#’s then 3 with 45#’s.
    For the WOD I used 35#KB’s due to my lack of reading skills I thought I read 4 rounds of the WOD, so I paced myself to survive all 4 rounds. Was really surprised when we were done at round 2. Could have gone a lil harder had I read the WOD correctly. At any rate it was a good workout, and as usual I was good a sweaty.

  2. janel

    Good WOD today. I did all 5 rounds of plank hold at 35lbs. I was really proud of myself. Last 15 seconds of the last 2 rounds were tough. I started out the WOD at 25 lbs but had to go down to 18lbs. 1st round 37 reps, 2nd round 52 reps

  3. Susana

    Used 35 pounds for plank holds.

    Front squats(25 &20 pounds): 15,19
    Push press(20pounds): 10, 11
    Thrusters(20pounds): 10,10
    Clean & jerk (20pounds): 7,8

    I ran 3 miles for time today also….. Heat killed me! Stopped for about a lap. Time:32:50

  4. Brandi

    First time at reformation!

    -4×30 second planks 15#
    -1×30 second plank 0# (shoulders hurting)

    10# for all exercises
    Max db fs —25x
    Max db push press—15x
    Max db thruster—10x
    Max db clean and jerk—10x

    Round 2
    10# for all exercises
    Max db fs —27x
    Max db push press—17x
    Max db thruster—12x
    Max db clean and jerk—10x

  5. 4 min total
    1st min KB front squat 25,17
    2nd minute KB push press 7,8
    3rd min KB thruster 5,4
    4th min KB Clean & Jerk 6,5
    Totals: 43,34
    *I used 53 pound KB’s
    *to much weight for now

    I did my planks with 55 pounds

  6. Trish

    Plank Holds 4r with 25lbs 1r with 35lbs.
    Used pink 35LB
    squats- 20,13
    Push P.-12,14
    Thrusters -8,8
    That was a tough one!

  7. Jenn Paul

    Plank hold: Did all 5 rounds w/ 15lbs. Should have done the first 2-3 with 25lbs.
    Used 18lb. KB for first 3 moves in 1st round. Moved to 15lb DB for the rest.
    Squat- 16,17
    Push Press- 12,13
    Thruster- 10,6
    Clean & Jerk – 8,6

    This was a tough one!

  8. Vanessa Esquivel

    I used 35# for 5x :30 plank hold and used the 26# KB for the WOD. Thank you for the push Brenden, the countdowns were a big help!
    Front squat – 28, 22
    Push press – 4, 5
    Thrusters- 7, 6
    Clean & jerk – 4, 6

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