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General Fitness 08.13.14


General Fitness 08.13.14

Prep Work
3 Rds
5 Snatch grip deadLift
5 Below the knee Snatch grip high pulls
5 High hang Snatch

10 Attempts to work up to a technically efficient heavy complex (Meaning if you get it but its not pretty do not add weight)
1 High Hang snatch+ Mid thigh snatch+ Full snatch (Reset if needed after each snatch)

Each warm up set will count as a attempt so take your time and move with a purpose.

4 Rds for time
800M Run
20 Wall balls
15 Kipping pull ups
Rest 2 min

3 Rds for time
800M Run
20 2 For 1 Wall Ball shots
10 Chest to bar pull ups (If possible sub for 5/3 Muscle ups)
Rest 2 min

Cool Down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. Irina

    Up to 70# on my snatch complex. Thanks Josh for not letting me drop weight.
    31:40ish for WOD Lv 1. Only 30sec rest between rnds 3&4 because I wanted to finish on time. 14# ball.
    These work outs have been awesome this week. Lots of movements in a long hard push. Thanks coaches.

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    Worked up to 50# on the heavy complex, failed at 55#. For the WOD I used the small red band for pull ups and a 14# wall ball. Finished all 4 rounds in about 35 minutes. I like the longer WODs.

  3. Andre M

    WOD lvl 1 finished in 28:00 not too shabby. I wanted to do lvl 2 but the 2 by 1 wall balls require speed and I would also like to note muscle ups require proper form. So it looks like I need to work on these two. I also need to work on my form for snatch as well. Looks like I’m coming in on Thursday on free gym day. Love these work outs and the people in the classes. The trainer are awesome too. I like how they stress proper form. My brother has now joined the cross fit world and he loves it. On ward and up ward we go.

  4. Andrea

    36:58 and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I only did three rounds. But it was after noon by the time I finished them and dinner had to get into the crockpot…

    Brought a friend and hopefully she had fun with her first cf wod! She will be cursing my name tomorrow if she isn’t already 🙂

  5. janel

    Oh man today was fun/pukeworthy. I stayed and did all 4 rounds, even though I hate/suck at running. I did it in 50:52. Slow I know compared to other times, but I walked away proud.

  6. Trish

    Ouch ouch! That was awful! Honestly didn’t think i would finish all 4 rounds but i made it through barely! Did level 1 rowed 1000m for every round. Used the black band and the 12lb wallball.

  7. Jim

    For the strength part I worked on Cleans worked up to 135# with the rep scheme with front squats and jerks.
    For the WOD I did level 1, with a 20# ball and unbanded pull-ups finished in a solid 36:18. This workout was a grinder wanted to stop at end of round 3 and call it a day, but I didn’t.

  8. Susana

    Oly: worked up to 85 pounds on snatch complex…. High hang and mid hang felt little better today!!:)

    Wod: level 2. Worked on sprinting the 800m run (times on runs: 3:42/4:01/4:14) goal was to get under 4min….. One day I’ll get there! Used 14 pound wall balls. Was actually able to do chest to bar!!!! Woohoo!!! All but last 3 reps of last round!!! Total time was 33:25.. Did gave to rest a few seconds after runs though. Did 3-5 reps of wall balls at a time !

  9. Lindsay Sinnes

    Let’s hope this one posts better than yesterday 🙂

    3 RDs: 25:02
    50 cal air dyne
    20 wall balls
    10 kipping pull ups
    2 minute rest

    The air dyne was tough today with those calories. Calf feeling better.

  10. Up to 105 on the snatch. Felt really good. Didn’t do all 10 because I was too slow.

    32:00 flat on the WOD. Did level 2. Still don’t have a chest to bar but I put together a set of 4 kipping pull ups, which is a pretty big deal for me.

  11. Tiffany

    I only did three rounds, I did the regular wall ball shots, but I subed the Kiping pullups for chest to bar pullups. I’m still learning those they are challenging for me and take me awhile. Also my endurance and energy in anything involving running gets quickly depleted, definitely a weakness! I finished my modified 3 rounds in 29:18 ☺

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